Smart Ways To Earn Money Online

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Smart Ways To Earn Money Online

For most people, to earn money online is almost like a dream come true. If they could find a smart way to earn money whether from a website or some other online venture, they would definitely hold onto it. However, this isn’t really a cake walk. You need to first get the right source and then focus on getting the money to really come to you. But the good news is, it’s quite possible to do it and there are many people out there who are using these ways to make money online. So, let’s take a look at the different ways to earn money online and see that extra cash flowing into the bank accounts.

Build A Niche Website

Creating your own blog or website is almost a trend today. Setting up a website is pretty simple.

How to Start: Whether you are a photographer or a fashion designer, you need to develop a website. All you have to do is create a website that has all your contact details, what you do, and what are the various services you provide. You can do it with platforms like Wordpress, Wix, Weebly, Ucraft, Strikingly, or Jimdo. They are free to use to build your website and they have a tutorial too to set it up.

How to Monetise: The question is how to get money from these websites. There are multiple ways in which websites can help you earn money online. Whether it is affiliate marketing or Google Adsense or ecommerce platform, websites can help you earn money right from your home. These are different mechanisms to monetise your website. For instance, Google Adsense allows you to get money by placing ads on your website and Google will pay you. In affiliate marketing, you can earn money by promoting products or services of another company, which will pay you for it.

Yes, you need to work consistently on it and focus on getting more and more people to come to your website, but it’s surely a way to earn money. With time, focus and dedication, you can slowly build on this platform.


Online consultation is another way to make money online. Your expertise in a particular field can let you counsel people and they would be willing to pay you to counsel them on their personal or professional goals.

How to Start: Online consultation is one of the quick ways to seek expert advice, without really meeting a person physically. Today, in a world where time is less and distances long, having a consultation session over a video call is one of the practical solutions of the day. You could be pleasantly surprised at the types of expertise people will pay for. People are looking for human resource consultants, financial advisors, IT, environmental consultants, social media marketers, and image consultants to name a few. So, whether it is financial, corporate, or independent, all you need is to be good at what you do.

How to Monetise: Offer different monetary schemes or fee structure to ensure recurring revenue. Club a discount offer, where you offer a free trial and then acquire the client to work with you full time. Get contact details of viable clients and share a newsletter of services you have provided, feedback you have received, and changes you are introducing to your service. This will create awareness and it may translate to monetisation.

Online Courses

Doing online courses, and even tuition is another thing that has gained significant popularity over time. If you have a skill that you can teach others, you can surely set up an online course and provide your services.

How to Start: A similar thing can be done with offering online tuitions to students. All you need is an internet connection and a laptop to keep you connected with the students. Right from school students to engineering scholars, online assistance is always welcome.

How to Monetise: You can charge on a monthly or an hourly basis. If you are working solo, strictly follow up your customers. However, you can tie up institutes who offer these services such as learning English online, designing, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Human Resource Management, and digital marketing. It will ensure a steady income.

Playing Games

Did you know, you can win real cash rewards with an online game? Generally multiplayer games don’t operate in a fashion. You jump into the game, defeat your opponent and move on to the next fight. However, there are games where you can win money and it is a fun way of winning money online, but this also requires an equal amount of focus and dedication.

How to Start: Playing online games like rummy gives you the opportunity to earn real money online. However, rummy is a game of strategy and skill. So, it is only with the right moves, and practice that one can master the game and win cash. The games that are available online are absolutely legal to play. Also, these games are skill based games. The games are running live round the clock and all a player has to do is pick one and start playing.

How to Monetise: Of course, not every game you can win, but with the correct strategy you can win right on. The smart way to go about it, is first enjoying practice games for free, that are also played with live players and then once you are confident about the game, you can start playing the cash games. Also check some rummy tips and tricks for winning the game.


There are many freelancing projects that you can take up online. Whether it is freelance writing, creating advertising banners or short assignments, there is enough scope to get you started in no time.

How to Start: There is not one, but multiple websites that offer freelance assignments that you can pick and start off immediately. As you go along, you build your own portfolio and can even manage a steady clientele. It is a smart way to work on something that you are passionate about and also earn money on the way.

How to Monetise: You need a digital presence, for instance, a website and social media platforms. Also, advertise in the traditional way too like local newspaper and word of mouth. This will get the word out about your service, which will help you get clients. In terms of pricing, see what your competitors are charging and what you have to offer to leverage your pricing.

Social Media

Today social media is one platform where you can earn money online with simply being active and having a good following on a platform. There are different ways you can do this.

How to Start: You can upload helpful or funny videos on YouTube and create channels to add revenue to your account. The other important social media activity that has gained a lot of significance lately is the influencer marketing.

How to Monetise: If you have a strong following on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, sharing a post for a brand promotion can make you earn a good amount. It completely depends on how connected your audience is with you and accordingly you can charge on every post or video you share on your page or profile.

Social Media Influencer

Once you have a large base of followers, you already have eyeballs. This method to earn money is one of the most unconventional ways of the 21st century.

How to Start: If you are the one who loves connecting with friends and associates and has a strong opinion about something, then you can become a social media influencer. There are social media influencers on Instagram and YouTube and even Facebook. These influencers create a niche for themselves. When they say something their follower base takes it seriously and gives their reaction on it.

How to Monetise: Brands often tie up with these influencers to promote their products. What they wear is tagged to the product’s portal. So, the followers are directed to where they can buy it. An influencer can earn anything between INR 5000 to 50000. You need to have more than 1000 followers and really care about something or be awesome in something. Random opinion will not help in becoming an influencer. If you have it in you, why not give it a shot.

Paid Online Surveys

Surveys are quite common, but you can also get paid to take these online surveys.

How to Start: There are companies who give out surveys and all you have to do is fill in the details and complete the survey. You will get paid for completing the survey as per the length of the survey. It varies from one survey to the other. However, you should read through the terms and conditions carefully.

How to Monetise: You don’t get an instant payout for the surveys you fill. The payment comes through once you have reached a particular amount for example Rs. 5000. To reach this amount, you will have to fill multiple surveys and also be consistent with the activity.

Create a YouTube Channel

More and more people are on YouTube to consume their choice of entertainment.

How to Start: Creating a video doesn’t require a whole video shoot set up. A video can be created by simply using your smartphone. What makes it click is the content. There are so many types of video categories that you can make as many videos as you like and on whatever you like.

How to Monetise: If your videos hold a strong subscriber base, you will get money as per video viewership from YouTube. Of course, it is not easy to do so, however if you love creating videos and are really good at it, then this is a great platform for you.

Before You Get Started…

Seeing all these activities must have got you excited. But here are some things to know before you pick up any online activity to earn money. Just like the internet gives you opportunities to earn money, similarly you also need to be aware about few digital threats out there.

Check Authenticity Of The Website

One of the most important things when it comes to money handling online, is the authenticity of a website. No matter, which way you select to earn money online, the website you pick needs to be secure. Let’s take a few examples.

You think of offering online tuitions or some consultation. Possibly, you shared your services over a website and the payment you receive for your services will also go through this website. Therefore, the website has your account details and other sensitive information.

Let’s look at another instant, like playing online rummy for cash. You win money for the game you played. Now this money will reach your bank account. What it simply means is that your bank details are shared with the gaming website.

What you need to be sure in this instant is that these selected websites are genuine, and you are not going for some fake sites. Check the certificates, check if the payment gateway is secured and see the number of people registered with the website. It will give you a good idea about the authenticity of the site.

Finally, start small. Once you gain confidence, you can work with higher amounts with the website.

Read Through The Payment Terms And Conditions:

As you start working on the different mediums to make money online, you also want to see the cash quickly in your account. But not all sources work in the same way. Some will give the cash payout instantly, while others will require a minimum amount to be accumulated and then credited to your account. You need to understand and read through the terms and conditions and then anticipate the turnaround time accordingly.

Keep in mind that the amount you win can start in hundreds and reach in lakhs. It completely depends on the medium you pick and the amount you can earn from that medium. Online games give you higher cash prizes, however you also need to make some prior investments as well.

Commitment Of Time

Whenever we talk about earning cash online, we also understand there is some kind of time commitment also required. Whether it is filling out survey forms, giving online tuitions or any other activity that you pick online, it will occupy some amount of your time. Once you have selected the activity, see the amount of time you can dedicate to work on that project. If you are short on time, then your online earning will also be limited. Pick the activities that give you the flexibility to work as you like and doesn’t really affect your earnings. However, most of the activities will be directly related to the number of hours dedicated towards it. The only way to improve your earning and still maintain the hours is through working on your skills. Whether it is freelance assignments or playing games like rummy, by improving your skills, you can win more cash.


There are multiple ways to earn money online. Each of them is fun and needs some insight from your end. The way to go forward is pick something that you are absolutely passionate about. Earn money, but from authentic websites and that are sustainable for a long period. It is with this focus; you will find new and different ways to earn money online.

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