Believe it or not – but even in today’s day and age, there are a lot of confusions and doubts that persist in the world of online gaming. Well, online Rummy is still one of the most misunderstood types of entertainment. If you look at it, it is easy to point out why – if someone has not played rummy ever, it could seem like an unsettling experience – but it’s actually one of the most fulfilling experiences.

Let us mention a few of the misconceptions that we keep hearing – But what if I get addicted to it? Will I be glued to the screen once I start? Will it socially isolate me? The answer is – Everything in excess is bad, keeping checks and balances in place holds true for everything, including the professional life. While Rummy improves judgment and strategy skills, instead of isolating the players, it helps them network with the online gaming community.

Let’s bust the myths that have been around for quite some time now –

  • Is online Rummy illegal?

Rummy is protected by the Supreme Court of India. The game of rummy requires skills and is therefore absolutely legal to play in India except states including Nagaland, Assam, Telangana, and Odisha, and Sikkim. RummyCircle doesn’t entertain players from these regions. Use your mind, improve your decision-making capabilities, or simply play practice games – because Rummy is absolutely legal, and whoever told you it isn’t, we’d suggest them to take a deep dive into the world of online Rummy.

  • Am I playing with bots? NEVER.

With over 40 million active users, there’s never a time when bots would play against the real players. It’s a community of gaming enthusiasts like you who like to play and win real-cash prizes. Although we won’t deny the existence of such malicious activities – but thanks to the safe and secure RummyCircle platform, every user is verified with the relevant details.

  • Offline Rummy is better? WELL!

Think about a digital space with like-minded people and the possibilities that come with it – fault proof, secure, accessible, flexible, real-cash and what not. While offline Rummy is where the game originated from, it’ll always be close to the hearts. Digital space has made it convenient and exciting for the players and therefore our bets are on online Rummy!

  • It’s a game of luck? HOW WRONG CAN YOU BE?

With 13 or 21 cards to be dealt with, it’s up to your strategy and decisions how you make sequences and how much time you take to do so. Had it been a game of chance, it wouldn’t have required so much focus and tactics – Rummy is a pure game of skill that requires the players to be attentive and smart.

Rummy is one game that’s dominating the online gaming space today – and it’s here to stay. Our advice – be informed about it, don’t get confused about the common myths that keep flowing in the air. Happy playing!

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