is Now Live! is now! Our move to RummyCircle is the formal expression of our commitment to provide you the Best Rummy Experience.

We feel both proud and happy having reached this point in our journey with you. At the same time we feel a sense of sadness leaving Games24x7 behind. After all, it was at Games24x7 that we had the privilege of being the first rummy site to provide cash game services to players in India. It was at Games24x7 that we met over 10 lakh rummy enthusiasts including yourself, whom we served with passion.

As we bid goodbye to Games24x7, and start anew with RummyCircle, we would like you to remember that the Best Rummy Experience is not a destination. It is a journey, a journey that we will traverse with you, a journey where we will learn every day from you what it means to deliver the Best Rummy Experience and then do everything in our power to provide you that.

Right now, as you visit, in addition to a brand-new interface, you will notice a significant improvement in login time and a new and improved Add Cash process. Going forward, you will see a much improved game play interface and a lot more in-game help in our practice games, as well as some of our cash games. In the coming months, we will be adding a slew of other features all designed to improve your rummy playing experience.

You have probably heard enough by now and just want to get on with your game of rummy. We won’t hold you. Hope you have an awesome rummy playing experience!

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