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How to Play Rummy

Rummy Rules

Detailed Rummy Rules for Playing 13 Card Indian Rummy Game

  • Rummy on is a 2 to 6 player game played with 2 pack of cards.
  • Each player is dealt 13 cards.
  • The Objective of the game is to arrange all 13 cards in sequences and/or sets.
  • A Sequence is 3 or more running cards of the same suit. Eg: 5 6 7 .
  • A Set is 3 or more cards of the same face value. Eg: 3 3 3 or 7 7 7 7 .
  • A Joker (randomly selected at the start of each game) can be used in place of any other card. Eg: 5 3 7 is a sequence where 3 is the joker and is used in place of 6 .
  • You can use one or more jokers to complete/fill your sets and sequences.
  • A Pure Sequence is a sequence without a joker. Exception - 5 6 7 is a pure sequence even if 6 is the joker.
  • Compulsory: - To finish the game, you must have at least two sequences, at least one of which must be pure.

How do I finish the Indian rummy Cards game?

As per the Rummy rules, when a player meets the game objective (see quick rummy rules tutorial) they can finish by discarding a card onto the finish slot.

Discarding in the Finish Slot:

  • As per the rules for rummy once either player discards a card in the finish slot, the game ends.
  • The players arrange their cards and then place them on the table to show their hands to each other.
  • The player who placed his card in the finish slot should show a hand which meets the objective of the game described above. If the players hand meets the objective, he is declared the winner. If not, the opponent is declared the winner.

How do I declare my sets and sequences?

As per the rules for rummy after one player finishes the game both players are required to arrange their cards in sets and sequences.

  • The pure sequence should be placed by itself in any of the slots provided.
  • The second sequence should be placed in a slot different from the slot in which the pure sequence was placed.
  • The remaining cards should be arranged into either sets or sequences and placed in the two other slots provided.
  • After placing all the cards in slots, click on the done button.

How is the scoring done as per Rummy Rules?

  • Deciding the winner
    • If a player finishes after meeting the game objective, the player wins.
    • If a player finishes without meeting the game objective the player loses and the opponent wins.
  • As per the rules for rummy the winner gets 0 points.
  • The loser gets points based on the cards in their hand.
  • Each card carries a certain number of points.
    • J - 10 points
    • Q - 10 points
    • K - 10 points
    • A - 10 points
    • All other numbered cards carry the same points as their face value for ex. 7 carries 7 points and 3 carries 3 points.
    • The jokers carry zero points.
  • The loser of the game gets points as follows
  • If a player finishes the card game without meeting the objective of the game, the player loses and gets the sum of the points carried by all cards in his/her hand irrespective of whether the player has a pure sequence or not.

As per Rummy rules if a player misses three consecutive turns, the player loses and gets sum of all cards in hand as points.

What are Cash Tournaments?

  • Cash tournaments are those that are played for Real Cash and have Real Cash Prizes (in INR).
  • Cash Tournaments run 24x7 and are conducted in a knock-out style.
  • To play any of the Cash games, you have to Add Cash to your RummyCircle account.

What are Practice Tournaments?

  • Practice Tournaments are those that have entry fee and prizes in Practice Chips. Chips won or lost in Practice Tournaments currently have no actual cash value.
  • Entry to Practice Tournaments is free and open for all RummyCircle players.
  • Practice Tournaments run 24x7.

What are Promotional Tournaments?

  • Promotional Tournaments are those that have no entry fee but offer prizes in Real Cash or kind.
  • They are offered throughout the day based on a 'Promotional Tournaments' Schedule.
  • Some promotional tournaments may have eligibility criteria which you can learn about in our Promotions Section.

How do I join a tournament?

  • Go to 'Tournaments' in the top navigation panel.
  • Select the type of Tournament you wish to play.
  • In the corresponding Tournament List, click on any of the Open tournaments that you wish to join.
  • Finally, click on the blinking Join This Tournament button under Tournament Details.

When does a tournament that I joined start?

  • If the tournament that you joined is a Fixed Player Tournament,
    • It starts 20 seconds after it is full.
    • A tournament is full when all the Seats for that tournament are filled.
  • If the tournament that you joined is a Fixed Time Tournament,
    • It will start at a pre-specified time mentioned in the tournament list.
    • The start time of the tournament can be seen under the Starts column in the tournament list.
    • The tournament will start at the specified time irrespective of whether it is full.
    • If a fixed time tournament is full but registration is open, you may join the waitlist of that tournament. If one or more players who have joined the tournament withdraw, players from the waitlist will be automatically have seats in the tournament on a first come first serve basis, i.e. The person first on the waitlist will be the first to get a seat in that tournament if a player withdraws.

How do I withdraw from a tournament?

  • As per the rules for rummy after you join a tournament, you can withdraw from that tournament before the tournament starts as specified below:
    • In the case of Fixed Player Tournaments, once the tournament is full, you cannot withdraw from it.
    • In the case of Fixed Time Tournaments, once registration for the tournament closes, you cannot withdraw from that tournament.
  • Rummy Rules to withdraw from a tournament, you must click on the Withdraw button which appears in the tournament details after you join a tournament.

How do I take my seat in the tournament after it starts?

  • Your tournament game opens automatically in a pop-up window. So please enable pop-ups for
  • If the game window does not open, to open the game window on your own, click on the Take Your Seat button on the right hand side if the tournament selected in the tournament list on the list is the tournament for which you would like to open the game window.
  • Your game window will pop-up and you are ready to play.

How are the tournaments conducted?

All tournaments are conducted in knock-out style.
Sample 8 player tournament.

Rummy Rules
  • In each round two players play a set of two rummy games against each other.
  • In each game, turns alternate between the two players. Each player has 30 seconds during his turn to complete his move. If in case, you are not able to complete your move in the allotted time, the turn will pass over to your opponent and the game continues.
  • If you miss three consecutive moves, the game will end and your score will be calculated by adding the points of all the cards in your hand.
  • As per the rules for rummy a player can finish the game if he believes he has met the objective of the game. Once a card is discarded on to the finish slot, both players must declare their cards within 45 seconds. If you are unable to declare in the allotted time, your score will be calculated by adding the points of all the cards in your hand.
  • Two games are played in each round.
  • The winner is the player who has the lowest total score after the two games.
  • In case of a tie (both players have the same score) at the end of a round, as per Rummy rules one player is randomly chosen to move to the next round.
    If the tie occurs in the final, then the cash prize is equally split.
  • In a 4 or more players tournament, after the first round is over, to join the second round the winner should close their game window.
  • If the winner has allowed pop-ups from, their next round game window will automatically pop-up.
  • If the winner has not allowed pop-ups from, they can
    • Allow pop-ups or alternatively
    • They can click on the Take Your Seat button to open the game window.

What is Extra Time?

We understand that internet connections can sometimes be unstable. That's why we've added an Extra Time feature that provides protection against intermittent connection failures. Extra time depends on the type of tournament you are playing. If you are playing a cash tournament, then the extra time during a game is 120 seconds. In case of practice and promotional tournaments, the extra time is 10 and 20 seconds respectively.

If you do not make the move in the allotted time, as per the rules our system will automatically award extra time for you to make the move. When you're using Extra Time to make the move, our system will automatically inform your opponent on the same table. Your Extra Time to make the move is displayed to you and the opponent and begins counting down until you make the move. If you do not make your move before your extra time runs out, you will miss your turn.

What does Rummy rules say if I Miss Three Moves?

If for some reason, you miss three consecutive moves during a game, the game will automatically end and you will receive points based on the cards in your hand. For more on scoring, please click here (link to how is scoring done).

How are prizes awarded?

  • Once a tournament starts, the prize distribution appears in the tournament details of that tournament. (Before the tournament starts, the expected prize distribution is shown to players based on the maximum seats in the tournament. If all seats are not filled when a tournament starts, the actual prize distribution is recalculated based on number of players who have joined the tournament.)
  • Based on this prize distribution, prizes are awarded.
  • If there is a tie in the final of a tournament, then the sum of first and second prize is equally split and awarded to the finalists in that tournament.
  • If one prize is to be awarded and more than one player is eligible, then the prize is awarded to the player who has lost by a smaller margin to his opponent.
On Crashes:
  • If a tournament crash is attributable to us, as per the rules we will ensure that we refund your entry fee if the crash has adversely affected you.
  • In some cases, prizes may be distributed as well depending on when the crash occured during the tournament.

How to play rummy in Hindi,Tamil,Telugu?

Rummy rules in Hindi, Tamil & Telugu with detailed information, basic, tips tricks as how to play rummy in Hindi, Tamil & Telugu will be coming soon.

Still have unanswered questions?

If you still have questions to which you would like answers, please Contact Us.

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