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Rummy With Joker

Play Rummy With Joker

A joker is randomly selected card at the beginning of each Indian rummy game. A joker can be used as any card in that particular game. For example: if the joker is 3 of hearts, the other 3s (spades, clubs and diamonds) can be used as any card for making sets and sequences.

Apart from the randomly selected card, people also use the printed joker as another joker in the game. If you use printed joker (usually 2 in a single 52 cards deck), there are 2 types of joker; one randomly chosen joker and second is the printer joker.

Joker plays a significant role as a joker makes playing rummy easy and as usually people like to play rummy with joker the rummy games offered by RummyCircle is also played with a randomly selected joker. Note: The rummy games of do not include the printer jokers.

Playing rummy with joker does not mean that it is like a cakewalk when compared to playing rummy without joker. It is not like that you don't have to apply your skills and rummy tricks; in fact you have to more alert when playing rummy with joker as the chances of finishing the rummy game for you as well as your opponent are very high.

There are different rummy rules associated with playing rummy with joker i.e. If a players throws/discards a joker by mistake, the opponent is allowed to pick that card i.e. joker but contrary to this rule some people play with the rule that if a player throws/discards a joker; the opponent cannot pick that card i.e. joker and has compulsorily has to pick the card from the draw pile.

While playing rummy online at, a player cannot pick the joker if discarded by the opponent. The above mentioned rummy information provided by RummyCircle is purely for informative purposes only. The rummy rules that are applicable to rummy games can be found at:

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