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History Of Rummy Game

Rummy History

History Of Rummy Game

Wikipedia says that DavidParlett (The Penguin Book of Card Games, 1978) describes the Mexican game of Conquian as being the father to all rummy games.

Conquian rummy history is around 400 years old and was played in Spain and Mexico and later rummy reached America where people say that Conquian or Rummy Game also made its way to England and then back to Atlantic where it was called Rummy.

The history of rummy goes back to centuries but one thing is for sure that rummy game has been accepted and loved by everyone in the history of card games. The reason behind the popularity of rummy game is the variety and skill that it involves and no wonder the honorable supreme court of India has also declared rummy as a game of skill. Once anyone learns the rummy rules, applying his/her skill becomes crucial and the winning factor. Rummy indeed is an exciting game and tests your skills or playing card games.

Today there are different types of rummy but the history of rummy tells that rummy was not played exactly like what it was played centuries ago. Since rummy history goes back centuries back, different people from different countries have come up with their own rummy variations.

Different types or rummy are played in different parts of the world and when it comes to India, the 13 cards classical Indian rummy is by far the most popular form of rummy game. Rummy is so popular that people play rummy while commuting to and fro to their office, in trains, in social parties and gatherings, during friendly weekend banter. Another reason for the popularity of rummy card game is the way that it brings people together.

Over the years, with the advent of technology and its improvement, rummy is now being played online and is becoming a popular form of card game played online. Based on the acceptability and popularity, offers 13 cards rummy game online and thousands of players play rummy online every day, participate in rummy tournaments and win cash games.

It seems that the way more and more people are playing rummy online, rummy card game is going to write a history of its own.

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