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Indian Rummy Game Variations

Variations in Indian Rummy game are hugely accepted and different rummy players play with adding some or the other variations in rummy game to add a flavor and change in the game.

People who like rummy varieties have come up with several rummy rules and varieties of their own. Some of the popular rummy variations are:

Points related Rummy Variations

  • Jack, Queen and Kings have 10 points so that it is easy to calculate
  • Jack, Queen and Kings have 20 points so that higher stakes are involved in the rummy game or rummy tournament and of course it is easier to calculate
  • Ace has 10 points whether you use it as a low card or high card.

High or Low related Rummy Variations

  • Ace can be used as a higher card i.e. Ace, King, Queen or/and Ace can be used as a lower card i.e. Ace, Two, Three. Some people in their rummy variations do not allow using Ace as a lower card.

Joker related Rummy Variations

  • There are no points for the Joker/s left with the loosing player
  • Opposite of the above rule, joker/s left with the loosing player's costs him some points
  • If any player discards a Joker, the opponent cannot pick the joker
  • Opposite to the above rule, joker discarded by the player can be picked by the opponent
  • If the winner has a joker, he/she gets extra points.

Sets/Sequence related Rummy Variations

  • Players cannot make more than 1 set i.e. if they have made one set (ace, ace, ace), they cannot make another set (king, king, king)
  • Players cannot make a set of 4 cards i.e. Ace, ace, ace, ace.

The above mentioned rummy variations are common variations that rummy players play with. Playing rummy following the above rummy variations is solely up to your discretion. RummyCircle is providing this content purely for informative purposes only.

The rummy rules that are applicable to RummyCircle.com rummy games can be found at:https://www.rummycircle.com/how-to-play-rummy/rummy-rules.html

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