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Card Games - History Of Card Games In India

All of us have at some time enjoyed an exciting game of cards. But, have you ever wondered how your favorite card game came to be. The history of card games in India is as interesting as the many variations played in the country today.

It is saidthat Card games in India originated many centuries ago & were first played by the Brahmins. Some historians are of the opinion that card games in India are a variation of chess, which was invented in India. The first traceable Card games came to India with the Mughal Empire. They introduced a "Ganjifa". The Mughal Ganjifa set generally had 96 cards (8 suits of 12 cards each - from 1 to 10 & 2 bonus / trump cards). These cards were circular & ornately hand-painted with traditional Mughal motifs, and are now a collector's item. Ganjifa was first played in the courts of the Mughal emperors & only spread to the masses much later. The Ganjifa cards were popularly used to play trick games like hamrang, ekrang and naqsh. Whichever the era of card games, they are sure to have provided many enjoyable hours of entertainment & healthy competition.

Playing card games are first saidto have been invented in China with the invention of paper. It was in Europe in 1300s that the 52 cards deck as we know today was experimented with and introduced and was brought into India thereupon.

Card Games, Popular Card Games in India

Today, all over India card games are played in different formats with each region having a unique game format. For instance, in Kerala two games called 28 & 56 played. Another game called "Literature" is played in Tamil Nadu & Kerala.

The most popular card games played in India today are Rummy and Teen Patti. Teen patti is a gambling game generally played for money but has certain negative connotations as gambling is looked down upon by Indian society in general. Indian rummy is the most popular card game, enjoyed by the masses. Everyone from children (who learn it from their families), to college going students, to housewives to elders play rummy with family & friends.

Rummy is a game of skill played typically with 2-4 players. Before you start real-cash games, we'd suggest you play online rummy practice games for free. You'd learn the basics including rules, tips, and tricks to become a pro in no time!

Playing Card Games Online on websites have started offering rummy online and for cash. Being a game of skill, playing rummy for cash has been declared legal by the Supreme Court of India in its ruling regarding games of skill in 1968. You can now play rummy online with players from across India & win cash prizes too. In this day & age, when people do not have time to meet their family & friends, our website is providing a platform for all rummy lovers to connect & play rummy with their loved ones. Download rummycircle app and enjoy playing rummy online.

Card games have indeed come a long way from traditional hand-made cards to playing rummy at the click of a mouse. It remains to be seen what's in store for card game lovers in the future.

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