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How to Withdraw Cash on RummyCircle

How do I withdraw cash?

  • You can Withdraw Cash at any time by going to My Account page and clicking on Withdraw Cash.
  • You are then asked to enter an amount you would like to withdraw.
  • You can only withdraw an amount less than or equal to your Withdrawable Balance. This will be shown to you on the Withdraw Cash page.

Once I submit a withdrawal request, how long will it take for me to get my money?

The duration it takes for the withdrawal request to be processed & get credited to your Bank A/c depends on the mode of transaction. We have two modes for processing withdrawals.

Instant Withdrawals Regular Withdrawals
Withdrawal amount gets credited to your Bank A/c in under 10 seconds of placing your withdrawal request. Withdrawal amount gets credited to your Bank A/c within 1-3 bank working days of placing your withdrawal request.
Exclusively for Platinum Elite, Platinum Club & Diamond Club players Available to all Club Players
Withdrawals get processed 24x7 on all days, even on Sundays & Bank Holidays. Withdrawals get processed within bank working hours on all days except Sundays & Bank Holidays.
Min withdrawable amount: 500 Min. withdrawal amount: 100
Max amount : 2,00,000 Max amount : Withdrawable Balance

Instant Withdrawal T&C:

  • Mobile Number Verification is mandatory for availing Instant Withdrawals. This can be done in the Profile section under My Account.
  • You do not have to choose a separate option to avail Instant Withdrawal facility. The system automatically picks all eligible withdrawals for instant credit.
  • Withdrawals below 500 will be processed through the regular mode.
  • Some withdrawal requests may be flagged for manual review. In these scenarios, you will receive the withdrawn amount credited within 3 working days if all checks are passed. During the review period, your withdrawal will show status 'Request Undergoing Checks'.
  • IMPS transfers are not accepted at some Cooperative banks. In such cases, withdrawals will be processed within 3 Bank Working days.
  • IMPS transactions fail sometimes if the receiving bank is conducting maintenance or having a downtime at the time the transaction is initiated. If this happens, the withdrawal may go through later or may get reversed. If your withdraw shows status 'Request Placed with Bank' but you haven't received the credit, then this is the case. The final status of the transaction is only known after 72 hours. You don't need to worry - if the transaction is reversed, the funds will be credited back to your RummyCircle account. Downtime periods vary from bank to bank. In general, SBI has very frequent downtimes between 11:30 pm in the night and 7:00 am in the morning, whereas private sector banks don't have frequent downtimes.

How do I provide the Bank Account details for withdrawal?

  • When you place a withdrawal request for the first time, you will need to provide your Bank Account Number and IFSC code. All these details are only to be provided once as from your next withdrawal request, these details shall be auto-filled. Please ensure that these details are correct. RummyCircle will not be responsible if you provide incorrect details.
  • You can change your bank account details in the withdrawals page after verifying your identity by entering the OTP that is sent to your registered email ID or Phone number.
  • The bank account needs to be in the name of the player as submitted to RummyCircle and visible in the Profile section under My Account. RummyCircle will not be responsible if the player’s bank rejects the withdrawal in case of a name mismatch.
  • For your withdrawal to be processed, you will need to get KYC verified by uploading recognized name and address proofs in the name of the player as submitted to RummyCircle. This can be done in the Profile section under My Account.

What is the minimum amount I can withdraw?

The minimum amount you can withdraw is 100.

What is the maximum amount I can withdraw?

You can withdraw all the money in your Withdrawable Account at any time. The balance in your Withdrawable Account includes all your cash winnings, any bonuses you earned as a cash player as well as any deposited amount you have used for playing cash games.

You can see your Account Balances by hovering on the ‘Cash’ entry in the header section of the website.

Maximum Amount To Withdraw Cash

Are there any fees or charges on withdrawals?

The number of free withdrawals that you get in a month depends on your club status. Once you have availed of your free withdrawals in a calendar month, all subsequent withdrawals in that calendar month carry a processing fee which will be deducted from your cash balance depending on the type of withdrawal.

Owing to the value and volume of cash transactions carried out by the Platinum Elite Club members, they are exempt from paying the said processing fee.

Please refer to the table below for details:

Club Type Free Withdrawals in a Month Processing Fees
Platinum Elite Unlimited r0
Platinum 5 r15
Diamond 4 r15
Gold 3 r15
Silver 2 r15
Bronze 1 r15

Are there any restrictions on placing withdrawals?

Please make a note of the following to avoid rejection of your withdrawal requests:

  • We do not process withdrawals to bank accounts based in the state of Telangana.
  • We will only process withdrawals if you have provided us valid identity and address proofs in the name of the player who created the account.

How can I view my Deposit and Withdrawable Account balance?

You can see your Account Balances by hovering on the ‘Cash’ entry in the header section of the website.

How To View Deposit And Withdrawable Balance

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