Be A Rummy Star With Rummy Stars Program

Benefits of Rummy Star

become rummy star

  • RummyStars is an exclusive program for skilled players to build their personal profile page and start making money by inviting friends, family, and others.
  • Players participating in RummyStars will be given an opportunity to express how Rummy is a game of skill and how their skill has led to a superlative performance.
  • Once you become a RummyStar, we create a personalized page on and allow you to share it on all the Social Media platforms that you actively use. If there are any friends from your Social Network, who register on RummyCircle, you will get a referral bonus for the same.
  • You will get a total Rs. 1000 per paying referral that you bring to RummyCircle. This money will be credited to you in parts as per the following list.
  • There is no limit to the money you can make through our RummyStars program.
  • We will provide you a detailed analytics dashboard which will show you the number of people joining through your RummyStars profile. It will also provide the break-up of people joining through your RummyStar profile from various Social Networks (FB, Twitter, G+, Whatsapp, Email).
  • We encourage players on RummyStars to share their RummyStars profiles on a regular basis through their Social networks and emails. The more regularly you share your RummyStars profile on the Social platforms you are active on, the higher are your chances of making money.
  • To maximize the impact of your RummyStars profile and to ensure you make money, we recommend using a professional grade picture. To enable this for you, we are offering a professional photo shoot, free of cost, for a limited time. We at RummyCircle, have partnered with top-of-the-line professional photographers and photo studios who can help you to get a high-quality image that you can use in your profile.
  • You will get the full bonus amount for all the successful referrals even after your RummyStars profile is deactivated. These will include only those referrals who have signed through your RummyStars profile & fulfilled the bonus criteria.

Contact Our Support

RummyCircle support team is available round the clock 24x7 to give you the Best Rummy ExperienceTM. Connect with our customer support team from your registered email ID at and share your concern or issue. Our representative will get back to you with a solution shortly.

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