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Online Skill Games in India

Recently, there have been a lot of talks about online skill games in India and as RummyCircle offers rummy as a game of skill to our users it is our moral responsibility to explain what skill games are and what is the real meaning of skill games?

Online skill games are designed in such a manner that they really test your skills and the real winner is the one who plays using his/her mind and not depends on chance or luck. Online skill games are usually played against humans or computer programs that are designed very carefully.

Such games are usually free over the Internet but the skill games that will give you a good online gaming experience are the skill games for cash/money.

The primary difference between gambling and online skill games is that the result of a normal gambling game is decided due to a chance or luck but in a skill game, the result will depend on your mental ability and agility. skill games tests your smartness, sharpness, concentration and skills to read, remember the cards and your competitor.

So what is that we are offering as an online skill game?

Indian rummy was declared as a game of skill by the honorable supreme court of India in the year 1968 and the games offered on are games of "skill". The relevant law in India is absolutely clear that, unlike games of "chance", games which substantially require a player to apply his skill are absolutely legal.

Online Rummy hosted by RummyCircle is legal and carefully designed and the jurisdiction of prize winners is strictly monitored to ensure legal compliance with relevant laws currently in force in India.

Rummy as a skill game suits the taste of kids, housewives, club regulars, commuters and professionals. Rummy is not a very tough game of skill and there are only a few rummy rules to learn and once you learn these rules, you will just love the fun and might become addictive as you play this skill game online against real rummy players in India which provides you a real life experience that one just falls in love with.

Our vision of offering skill games online is in line with the increasing Internet penetration in India and the need of a world class gaming experience that is delivered in form of rummy as a skill game that already is a household card game name.

According to an IAMAI report for Dec 2009, online gaming is a growing market in India and is expected to grow at a very high rate in the coming years. Unlike offline gaming which has been marred by grey markets, online gaming offers providers the facility of distributing their games through efficient and secured channels. With increasing usage of social media and emergence of wide variety of online games, Internet users are gradually getting hooked to casual as well as serious gaming.

If you are interested in playing rummy online, download rummycircle app and enjoy playing.

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