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At RummyCircle, we are committed to promote responsible play and we encourage all our rummy players to play responsibly, within their means and continue to have fun.

Add Cash Limit is a Responsible Play feature, available for you to control the amount you add to your account in a month.

What are the different type of limits?

  • Monthly Limit: A default monthly Add Cash Limit is set by the system, which depends on your history with us. You can increase or decrease your Add Cash Limit up to a certain maximum amount (Maximum Add Cash Limit).
  • 24 hour Limit: A dynamic 24 hour limit is set by the system, which depends on the level of your account validation. This limit, unlike the monthly limit, is a rolling limit. e.g: Say you have a 24 hour limit of r1000 and you have added r300 at 12:00 PM on the day. In the next 24 hours, that is till 12:00 PM next day, you can add r700 to your account.

How do I increase my limits?

  • Monthly Limit: You can increase your current monthly limit from Add Cash Limit page under My Account section, up to your Maximum Add Cash Limit. (Note: You can change your add cash limit only once every 48 hours. Once you have changed your limit, you will need to wait 48 hours before you can change your limit again.)
  • 24 hour Limit: To increase your 24 hour limit, send a request from the contact us page or send an email to from the email address registered on your RummyCircle account.

What are my limits?

You can check your current limits upon clicking "Add Cash Limit" under My Account section.

You can check your current limits upon clicking "Add Cash Limit" under My Account section.

Will I be able to play after reaching my Add Cash Limit?

  • Monthly Limit: Once you reach your Monthly Add Cash Limit, you will have to increase your Add Cash Limit before you can add cash and play.
  • 24 hour Limit: Once you reach your 24 hour Limit, you can wait for the limits to roll over or send an email to

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* This is an indicative amount only and this includes promotional tournaments and bonuses. Actual amount may differ and would depend on the total number of cash tournaments played on the Website and bonuses claimed by players in a calendar month. Individual winnings depend on your skill and the number of cash tournaments you play in a calendar month.