5 Intense Rummy Moments That Will Never Let You Put Your Phone Down

Rummy is an intense game and it is those nail biting situations that keep the players all glued to their handheld devices. But if you think rummy online is only defined as games that either go too slow or too fast for your comfort, then check these situations, where just one card can make or kill the game. In these situations, you desperately need your Queen, the high value card that you often discard at the beginning of the game.

So, what will you do? How will you turn this game into a winning hand? Check these situations and check your rummy skills.

Situation 1

There is lot happening in this hand. You need to form the pure sequence to close the game. So, will you move the cards and pick the Jack or you would play some other way?

rummy moment 1

Situation 2

How are you going to play this hand? You don’t have any wild card and things look tough. Will you drop this hand or play on? Can the King really help save the situation here?


Situation 3

This hand really tests how well you understand the rummy rules. We give you two choices and there is a hidden trick in the lay. So, what will you go for, Queen or 2 of Hearts?



Situation 4

This is a place where you need to take tough call. You can pick the Wild Card and play on. However, your spread shows that you haven’t formed even one pure sequence so far. So, what are you going to do? Will you play this game or drop it.


Situation 5

This is one place where your King becomes so very important. But the question is which one? So, what are you going to pick to win the game and make a successful Declaration here.


These are not the only situations where rummy can get super intense. There are lots more and as you play rummy regularly, you will see how intense this game can get. You can learn how experts play rummy, just go through the given link of how to play rummy online. So what was your intense rummy moment? Share your game hand with us.

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