Intelligence, skill, and everything in between – Rummy is not just a game, it’s a game changer!

Yes, and why not. Life is a mix of strategy, intelligence, wit, and skill in equal parts. Playing rummy works wonders when it comes to life lessons. Life is tricky, so is the game of Rummy. What makes this journey worth is experiences and lessons derived from it. Don’t look so surprised: Take this situation, for instance, you try to take cards with greatest value and discard the ones you don’t need? That’s how it goes in real life, you keep what belongs to you (and is valuable), while you discard what doesn’t bring you joy.

Well, this was just one of the examples! Here are a few IMPORTANT life lessons ahead –

  1. Declutter to Focus – Clutter is an outcome of confusion, disturbance, or chaos. When you deal with the cards, you make sure you organize them, on the basis of colours or suit. In fact, you set priorities on the basis of which hand needs to be dealt and then organize accordingly. Rummy teaches you more than the cards, it’s about prioritizing tasks and situations right, and everything else follows.
  2. Patience wins! – And which game other than Rummy can explain the importance of this virtue better. We are living in competitive times where ‘instant’ has become the only jargon. If there are no quick results, it’s a failure. Right? Wrong. It is, in fact, waiting for the right time to show your mettle – in the game of rummy, players wait for the right time to show their cards. Such is life. Rationale and good decisions are a consequence of patience.
  3. You learn not to expect and how! – Rummy is a game, and it goes without saying that you can’t win every time you play. Not setting any expectations and playing it for entertainment would work wonders for you. Life is uncertain – every situation (read game) is a learning. Keep the lessons coming!
  4. ‘Change is the only constant’ – Oh well, adaptability is something Rummy makes you pro at. While you start off the game with your strategy, you’re required to keep changing it according to the opponent’s moves. And if this doesn’t describe life in a nutshell, we don’t know what will. Either adapt to the circumstance or lose – this is your alter ego telling you, not us!
  5. Let things go – The game is made this way, if you can’t let high value cards go, it’s a game over! Well, the richness of Rummy keeps spreading and when it comes to life lessons, you’ll find the roots of Rummy hidden in those lessons. Well, to win a particular game, a player is supposed to finish the game before anybody else. In order to let that happen, numbers should be reduced to zero. This happens when a player discards high value cards. Even if you lose, it’s always wiser to win with less points. Unburdening and letting unnecessary things go is actually adding value to life. Thank us later!

While we can go on and on talking about persistence, focus, respect, and whatnot, we’d take a break and let these life lessons sink in! Either play online rummy free as practice games or real-cash tournaments, start looking at the game the same way we do! Will you?

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