It may seem hard to believe, but there are people out there who cast a sceptical eye on learning Rummy – but wait, let’s not judge them yet!

Instead, let’s just shed some light to see the potential a game of Rummy has, both in terms of entertainment and skill. Look around and notice – isn’t everything about learning? Delivering learning, evaluating lessons, facilitating learning, or maybe finding new people (read players) to learn with. We know, that’s a lot of learning!

Learning Rummy is so much fun: But why would you believe us? With loads of tournaments, variants, daily trivia, and so much more, online Rummy confronts you with so many challenges, including making yourself a pro at the game.

But remember the philosophy – Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast.

Online Rummy is a game of its own and demands nothing less than focus, practice, and skill in equal parts. And it goes without saying if something is bringing so much value, it’s supposed to feed your curiosity too – Rummy, for instance, lets you play and learn at the same time. If you haven’t found your perfect reason to start learning Rummy yet, let us help you find yours!

1) Analytical skills? Check!

Oh, so you didn’t know about it yet. Well, from visual judgments, decision-making abilities, math concepts, and problem-solving, Rummy is a perfect balance of skill development and entertainment. Is there anything else you’d expect from a mere game? Surprise us!

2) Online Rummy is your one-stop destination. How?

Unlike offline Rummy, online Rummy is accessible to people from almost anywhere – all you need is a good internet connection and a smartphone to pick up wherever you left the game at. Rummy is a proven stress buster and helps elevate the mood.

3) Rummy could be your guide to personal development!

Online Rummy provides a lot of opportunities to people, especially when it comes to learning and understanding the variants of the game and letting the concepts sink in – once you learn the nuances and patterns perfectly, you gain confidence within yourself and the game at the same time.

4) Say NO to stagnancy by saying YES to Rummy!

While other games might help you engage in one form of it, the nature of Rummy is such that it has variations and also thanks to the regular tournaments that keep players entertained. With every new game comes a new opponent, and therefore, new strategies. If you consider every new game as an opportunity to learn a new tactic, you’d soon become an expert; wait for it!

5) Focused and a calm mind –

Mark our words; being anxious, nervous, and restless will never help in the game of online Rummy. You’ll eventually pick wrong cards, make mistakes, and lose with high scores. The journey to winning a Rummy game is to stay calm and make every move strategically. Try to notice moves and use them as an opportunity to win. Rummy needs focus and before stepping in to learn the game, make sure your mind is relaxed.

And yes, there’ll always be newer technologies to embrace and new skills to learn, but the knowledge you once gain while learning the game of Rummy would never go to waste.

But wait, before you leave to start learning online Rummy, here are a few features you’ll get when you download the online Rummy app –

  •         Welcome Bonuses
  •         Real-time Updates
  •         Push Notifications
  •         Daily and Monthly Limits
  •         Interactive User Interface
  •         Regular Tournaments
  •         Instant Play and Quick to Download
  •         Certified by The Online Rummy Federation (TORF)

With the dedicated versions for both Android and iOS, RummyCircle’s mobile application works wonders for every player who wants to access the game from anywhere! Tempted to start playing the game right away? What are we here for! Download the RummyCircle app now!

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