5 Reasons You Are Losing Those Rummy Games


One of the most common questions that any rummy player has in mind is, “why am I not able to win that game”? Yes, you are definitely doing something wrong but do you know what? Before, giving up on the game that you just can’t do it, here are some of the things that you should check out. Even if one of these things are going wrong for you there, it is a high possibility that you may lose the game.

1.You play with a bad hand

How do you know you have a bad hand? Well, the first indication is that you don’t have a Joker and a wild card to start with. Yes, you can always hope to get one as the game moves, however, the more you play the higher is the probability to lose with big points. So, even if you want to continue with the game, have the concept clear that you will give up the hand if you still don’t get a Joker after playing the first few hands.

2.You are too tired and sleepy

Yaaaawn! If this is the way you are beginning the game, then once more your focus is really limited. Rummy requires you to make quick calculations and move your cards around to arrange and rearrange them. But, when you are extremely tired, this process automatically slows down. So, pick rummy card game only when you are alert and are able to dedicate your time to the game. If you want to pick a game for leisure, then practice tournaments are the best option.

3.Did you jumble up the basics?

This is one problem commonly faced by beginners. The emphasis is always on forming a pure sequence at the beginning of the hand. But what about the other hands that you need to close the game. Often players get confused on how to quickly form the other hands including your sets, that’s known to be the simplest. The best way to go about the entire situation is to remember to go first with the pure sequence, then with impure sequence and then the sets. If you have not got even one of them right, then you will not be able to close the game successfully.

4.Each hand is limited to 3-4 cards

Did you know that any one hand can have more than three or four cards? Yes, most players form their hands with three or four cards. However, the minimum requirement for a hand is three cards and can go up to five cards as well. So, you can make a set, sequence and pure sequence and you are done. If you are making your hand with 3 or 4 cards, then you need to form more hands. So, simplify your game and add more cards to your hand.

5.You are using big value cards to form sets

You sometimes see that you have got two or three king and the instant reaction is to form a set with it. But, if you are doing so, and then are unable to form your sequences, then you will lose your game with high points. The smart way to go about it is to get rid of high value cards like King, Queen, Jack, Ace and then replace them with Joker cards. This will reduce the point burden and even the stress element in the game. You can read detailed rummy rules online at RummyCircle.com.

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