5 Things That Scare People as Hell


Everyone is afraid of one thing or the other and these little hidden monsters are surprisingly the small and every day things that pinch us, bother us and more often than not, scare as like hell. As per the recent survey done by us on Facebook, here are some things that bother people the most and yes, we added a few more as per general research and observation.

The Credit Card Bills at the End of Month

This is one thing that we all dread. Yes, we love to spend on those shopping, dining out, movies and more and then we forget about it. The comfortable Richie Rich feeling comes to a sudden halt as the bills hit us. It becomes all the more bad when these bills hit us at the end of the month or just on the day of salary. So, is this something that scares you or you are well in control?

Having a rummy hand without even one Joker

This is something that scares 85% of our players. We all know how difficult it is to win at rummy, when you don’t have any Joker in your spread. This becomes all the more crucial when you are playing in a tournament where you have already registered and want to win bad. Well, is it impossible to win in such a scenario, of course, but a challenge for sure. Here is a quick check list on how to play rummy and also play rummy online for cash.


Well, one of the most annoying little things that fill you with disgust. If you think, there are only limited people who are really scared of cockroaches, then you are very wrong. Cockroaches are not only irritating but also make people uncomfortable, especially when these creatures start flying. So, the next time your friends laugh that you are afraid of cockroaches, then you can tell them that you are not the only one.


Even though most of us take flights and are quite comfortable with it, there are others who absolutely dread it. They would rather travel for a whole day or even more via train or bus but not take a flight. Some of it is associated with claustrophobia but not completely. The solution is not of course to avoid the easiest and the most convenient way to travel today, but take some medications. It will calm the overworked nerves and calm you down. After all, anyone having this fear associates that it is mostly the take off that makes people nervous.

Enclosed spaces

Closed packed areas especially the dark ones can make many people uncomfortable. Simple, every day experiences like moving in the elevator can leave you completely shaken. People start feeling suffocating and nausea when they find themselves in dark and closed places. The easy solution is of course such areas and not to think too much around it. However, the other way around could be taking deep breaths and taking things easy.

No matter, what scares you as hell, there is always a way around. Like a smart and confident rummy player, you need to tackle your fears and rise above them.

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