Surprise Rummy Lovers With These Amazing Birthday Gifts

Surprise Rummy Lovers With These Amazing Birthday Gifts

Surprise Rummy Lovers With These Amazing Birthday Gifts

The earliest reference to card games is in a 9th-century Chinese text known as the Collection of Miscellanea at Duyang, written by Tang dynasty writer Su E. The game spread to other parts of the world from China, assuming many forms and formats. The paper card games started somewhere in the 11th century, and sometimes printed money also was used as playing cards.

Card games have become an insidious part of our relaxation. From wood to paper and plastic and now in digital form, card games have evolved and are a part of millions of people’s fun, relaxation, and competitive spirit.

So, if you know anyone who loves to play rummy card game, it would be good to gift them something associated with the Rummy game to mark their birthdays.

Here are some ideas to peruse:

Custom-made Deck of Cards: Custom-made or unique decks are sold by many brands like The NurdyStuff, Phoenix, Theory11, Dan and Dave, or the United States Playing Card Company. In India, we have the iconic Air India collectables, Ravi Verma decks, and the Dilkush Playing Cards by Kamala Soap Factory. The cost is anywhere between Rs 350 to Rs 10,000.

Printed Apparels: T-shirs, leggings, socks, hats. Get them customized with Rummy logos and one liner: These can be customized and even bought online. Prices vary. Make sure that the material used is quality; otherwise, can cause allergies.

Throw Pillows: Gift a throw pillow to make the experience of playing rummy more comfortable. Such pillows retail online and offline both. Prices vary from Rs 300 to Rs 1000.

Score Pads: Writing pads with face card designs on the edges. Keep your Rummy scores both online and offline. Cost Rs 120 to 300. You can even gift other stationery items such as pen holders and paperweights (yes, they are retro and in). Customize them with playing card imprints.

Rummy Posters: Posters with Rummy Rules, funny quotes, inspirational quotes with card analogy. Price varies.

Playing Card Golf Head Cover: For people who love golf and rummy. Price Rs 2,500.

Phone Covers with Cards Imprints: These are available in all suit’s colours, with joker prints and more. Price varies.

Cards Imprinted Coffee Mugs: Relax with a cuppa of tea or coffee while playing a rummy game on your device. Price: Rs 100 onwards.

Set of Coasters: Coasters printed with suit colours. Price varies.

Playing Card Quartret Tote Bags: Price starts at Rs 600.

Customized Drinking Water Bottle in Stainless Steel: Get your friend’s name printed with some face card design. Stay hydrated while playing.

Price: Rs 500-800

Retro Playing Cards Quartet Aqua Short Table Runner, Table Cover. Price Rs 500 onwards.

Books on Card Games:

Your passionate cad game lover will love such a gift. They can learn leisurely about new skills and strategies to improve their game. These books are helpful for both beginners and experienced players. These are available online, so research which book you should buy and order.

Gifting is an expression of love and appreciation. However, it can be tricky, especially when one doesn’t know what to gift. The answer is to give something that the other person is passionate about. So, knowing what to give is as important as the emotion behind it.

For passionate rummy lovers, apply the same principles that you do for general gifting. Hope the above ideas help make the difficult task of giving the right gift a bit easy.

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