Casual Gamer Or Cash Gamer: Which One Is Your Pick?

Casual Gamer Or Cash Gamer Which One Is Your Pick

Casual Gamer Or Cash Gamer Which One Is Your Pick

Card games have always had an innate appeal to Indians. Playing card games is a popular pastime in many parts of the country. In fact, playing cards on Diwali is considered to be auspicious. Most people play card games on these occasions to unwind with friends and family and for a bit of fun. The advent of online games has ensured that people can still connect with friends through this game, no matter where they are.

One of the most popular online card games in India is rummy. The popularity of online rummy and rummy apps coupled with the accessibility of high-speed internet has made online rummy accessible to everybody. RummyCircle, one of the frontrunners in offering online rummy games, has a registered user base of more than 10 million players.

Many casual gamers sign up on these platforms and play rummy only as a pastime. And then there are those players who play cash games for the thrill of winning prizes.

To understand the type of game one should go for, it is first important to understand the difference between casual and cash gamers.

Casual Gamer Is The Automatic Choice For Beginners

As people step into the world of online rummy, opting to be a casual gamer is their natural choice. This is the time when they need to learn the rummy rules. As they do so, the desire to play more increases. Then, apart from the rules, one also needs to learn the tricks of the trade. One needs to learn how to get an idea about the other players’ hands, how to play, and also learn from other players’ mistakes.

Cash Games Lure The Most Experienced And Regular Players

After having mastered the rummy rules, one musters the confidence to play and win against seasoned players. A player then develops a desire to opt for cash games. Playing cash games is the most natural transition for casual gamers who have the confidence and knowledge of the game.

Cash Games Are Highly Competitive

If you make mistakes in cash games, you are going to lose big. And that is why an amateur player is encouraged to play casual games where there is nothing to lose. In cash games, these are pro players who can make split-second decisions and have a strategy at play. However, people in casual games can be more relaxed and play the game for the fun of it.

Test Out New Strategies As Casual Gamers

Whether you’re an experienced gamer trying out a new strategy or a new player learning the ropes, a casual game is the best place for any experimentation. If your strategy fails, you might lose the game, but that’s about it. However, doing the same in a cash game might prove to be more costly as you might also lose cash.

It Is Easier To Bond With People As A Casual Gamer

In a casual game of rummy, you can chat with your friends, invite more friends, play multiple games with multiple friends, crack jokes, and enjoy. Moreover, you can enjoy the game in the company of your friends and colleagues.

People who play cash rummy games employ a lot of tricks and outplay the opponents. Yet, it is fun and exhilarating.

Cash Games Involve Big Money

Skilled rummy players play cash rummy thanks to the prospects of winning big money. Cash rummy involves huge cash prizes. There are some players who have won lakhs of rupees playing cash rummy.

A casual rummy gamer, on the other hand, doesn’t involve cash prizes. However, there are many tournaments held on various online rummy platforms like RummyCircle. These tournaments offer casual players a chance to win prizes or points. Once you are confident, know the rummy rules well and play regularly, you can go for cash games.

Whether you choose to be a casual or cash gamer, your choice must be dictated by the situation. If you have been playing casually for a long time and have mastered the rummy rules, you can try your hand at cash games. There is always the opportunity to win large sums of money. However, if you are not confident yet to take on the experienced and seasoned rummy players, you need to wait a little. Hop onto the platform and play cash rummy games only when you are confident and experienced enough.

What kind of player are you- the beginner looking for fun, or a veteran looking to outsmart your opponents?

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