Experts are not born experts – the secret sauce has always been consistency.

“First things first – practice as much as you can, there’s no easy road to gain expertise.” – said a RummyCircle player who has been participating in tournaments for last two years. While the other one said “It’s only when you don’t beat yourself up to win that you actually win. It’s a game and winning or losing is part and parcel of it.”

While these statements are testimony to the fact that the knack of adapting to situations and good observation skills are Holy Grail to online Rummy, there’s a lot more to it. Here are a few winning strategies to keep in mind –

  • This is a no brainer, but we still want to reiterate – Yes, you guessed it right, being positive helps you take right decisions. Don’t start the game with a negative thought process where you’re the only winner. Focus on the calculated moves instead. One of the Rummy experts told us “I never play a game like it’s a competition; I just give my best and wait for the game to unfold.”
  • Quit when you think it’s time – Most of the new players think clicking on the ‘drop’ option could be wrong. But remember, the nature of Rummy is such that taking a step back will be a step forward if your cards are not good. Players can opt for either a middle or initial drop based on the cards for 40 and 20 points, respectively. But make sure you strategize it properly, there are times when despite the poor cards, a few players manage to win. “I understood this much later that dropping a game will do me good.” said a RummyCircle enthusiast.
  • Try to make good sequences, FASTER!“Try to play smart and trick the opponent.” Said a pro player. Don’t try to make a perfect sense (of well, anything) of cards at your disposal. For instance, if you’re trying to make a pure sequence waiting for 5 when you already have a 4 and 6 of hearts, try to take up a 3 and discard the 6. This will open a window of opportunity for you – you can make two sequences out of it.
  • Reverse it if you can’t make it – “Thinking out of the box is something you’ll learn when you play practice games.” Well, we can vouch for it too. But if nothing works out, try to reverse the game, and confuse the opponent. For example, reverse the entire tactic by not discarding your high value cards, keep them for your 2nd or 3rd The opponent might drop those cards in the initial moves, and you can use them to form a set or sequence!

A right mix of strategies and attitude in equal parts will make you an expert in online Rummy – until then, happy practicing!

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