Add A Dash Of Fun By Carrying These Things On Your Next Trip

Fun Things To Carry On Your Next Trip

Fun Things To Carry On Your Next Trip

Planning a trip is fun. Who doesn’t like a vacation filled with adventures in the great outdoors? But things don’t always go as planned, and there’s a possibility of being stuck indoors during your trip. It could be the weather or it could simply be a dull phase.

However, it shouldn’t mean your vacation should flop. There are a lot of fun activities you can indulge in during these phases; all you need are a few knick-knacks. From a deck of cards for playing rummy online to speakers to pep up the mood, here is a list of recreational items that can help you stay entertained at all times.

  1. Speaker – This is a travel essential that is often overlooked. People carry their headphones but rarely think about carrying a speaker along. Today’s speakers are sleek and portable and require minimum charging. Just connect one to your phone via Bluetooth and you’re all set to begin partying. It can be handy especially when you are stuck indoors. You and your friends or family can have an impromptu party by starting a karaoke session or crooning to melodies. Your imagination is the limit; the humble Bluetooth speaker lets you do so much and adds an element of fun to dull spells. So, keep your travel playlist ready and your speaker handy. Who knows; you might just end up having the best party in town!
  2. Frisbee/ball – Remember childhood evenings spent playing with these bright and funky disks? Well, little did you know then that the humble frisbee would a great indoor sport to indulge in even as an adult. The best part about packing a frisbee in your rucksack is how light it is. But don’t go by its weight; you can challenge friends to intense frisbee matches to find out who among you is the frisbee champion. You could also carry an inflatable ball during your trip. Just like the humble frisbee, a simple beach ball can be used to play many versatile games. You can play a match of throwball or start an impromptu game of catch with your friends when you’re done ambling.
  3. Rubik’s cube and puzzles– If you thought Rubik’s cubes were meant for nerds and child geniuses, think again. You may be surprised to know that not only does the cube provide great fun while you are stuck indoors; it can also help you strengthen bonds with others. Solving a Rubik’s cube is no easy feat; it needs strategic planning and constant effort. You and your friends can put your heads together and try and solve the cube or challenge each other to see who solves it first. To add a hint of competitiveness, time the game and give the winner a special prize. The same goes with miniature puzzle games. Not only are they easy to carry, they also offer an exciting way to spend the evening. You and your friends can cozy up near the fireplace or sit on the veranda and solve these puzzles during lazy afternoons.
  4. Plastic/collapsible cups– We’re sure you would be packing a few paper plates and plastic cups for your trip, so this involves no great effort. Now, coming to the cool part: did you know plastic cups can go a long way in keeping you entertained when stuck indoors? Yes, they can! You can set up a miniature bowling alley – take a small ball and use these cups for target practice – or just put your flipping skills to the test. These and many more games can be devised using just cups. In some cases, all you need is a string; you can even play a game of cup racing. Sounds intriguing? During your next trip make sure you carry a few extra cups and see what comes out of it.
  5. Cards– The age-old tradition of playing cards has now become a modern phenomenon. Anyone who knows play real cash rummy will agree it is one of the easiest ways to enjoy a fun time indoors. All you need is a deck of cards, which can fit anywhere in your luggage. While some games mandate a certain number of players, many card games have no such limitations. Whether you are two players or 12, rummy is sure to keep you hooked for hours. Not only is the game easy to play; it’s also so much fun that you won’t realize the passing of time. It is ideal for those days when you are stuck indoors or on cold nights when you can’t venture outside.

So, now that you have the list, all you need to do is pack the essentials. You no longer have to worry about boredom striking you or fear being stuck indoors; these fun games are bound to give you some fun company!

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