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Mumbai, 27 August, 2012: Play Games24x7, the leader in online rummy, has rebranded its site as This move is the formal expression of the company’s commitment to deliver the Best Rummy Experience in the world to rummy players across India. The new interface enhances the user experience with the goal of achieving a lasting engagement with its audience.

This change was necessary given the rapid growth of the on-line rummy market from 2009 to 2011. “This re branding is recognition of the enormous popularity of rummy in India. We had a reasonable idea based on casual empirical evidence of the popularity of rummy. Most of us grew up playing rummy with our families. But once we hit 1 million registered users, it was clear that we needed to give rummy its own stage in India”, said Bhavin Pandya, Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Play Games24x7.

While the most critical component in an online games business is the game play itself, once real money is involved, other ancillary components also assume significant importance. The RummyCircle team focuses on ensuring that apart from game play, other components  like finding a game, making a transaction, resolving an issue with customer service etc. are straightforward  and uncomplicated so that players spend maximum time doing what they really enjoy – playing rummy.

To deliver the Best Rummy Experience, Play Games24x7 is investing heavily in proprietary technology and business intelligence systems. Binand Sethumadhavan, Head of Business Intelligence at Play Games24x7 says “The Best Rummy Experience is not a destination – it is a journey that we will traverse with our players, and learn from them through their feedback on what it means to deliver that experience. Achieving this vision is both challenging and exciting. We track an enormous amount of data to determine what players enjoy and what they don’t. Standard tools of the trade like A/B testing and statistical analysis are rigorously applied”.

“The online gamer wants speed, and when he is playing for money he wants this speed reliably. This is not an easy task in India where even today there are severe last mile Internet issues. To give our players the smoothest experience, we spend the bulk of our time on core infrastructure components and ensuring that as the business scales, the user experience continues to be just what the business team wants”, says Phaneendra Divi, the Head of Technology at Play Games24x7.

With the rebranding to RummyCircle, Play Games24x7 is attempting to catapult online rummy into the big league of online gaming products, with a sharp focus on product and user experience. Over the next year, they also plan to enter other online gaming markets. Play Games24x7 is managed by a professional management team with several years of experience in the online games industry, and is funded by Tiger Global Management.

Notes to Editor

Play Games24x7 Pvt. Ltd. operates India’s Largest Rummy website,, with more than 1 million rummy players. RummyCircle offers the simplest online multi-player rummy game in popular formats for free and for cash. Site offers extremely secure playing environment with multiple payment options and a quick withdrawal system.

The management team is immensely passionate about delivering nothing but the Best Rummy Experience to every rummy player. Play Games24x7 was started in 2006. It is professionally managed by online gaming entrepreneurs who are alumni of NYU, IIT and IIM, and is funded by Tiger Global Management.


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