How A Newbie Turned Into A Confident Winner

How A Newbie Turned Into A Confident Winner

How A Newbie Turned Into A Confident Winner

“When I started playing Rummy practice games, I didn’t know where I would reach.”

“So, this started when I played practice games for two weeks, felt confident and started playing with real cash rummy games. I started with INR 50 and my expertise can help me win thousands today.”

“I was just regular on the platform, participated in tournaments and never stopped.”

Did you feel something when you read these? Well, we do. Every single time we get to know about such stories from our players. RummyCircle has always believed in making the platform better, one improvement at a time. These people keep us going, and their voices gushing with excitement make us do even better.

If you’re new to the game and want to know what is it that can help you win – consistency, for one is our mantra, and others are –

  • Patience – Yes, you heard us right. You could be a master of this game but still won’t win every time you play – such is life. When you play online rummy, it’s not the athletic energy that makes you win, it’s your intellect and patience, in equal parts. Try to keep your calm, every time you wish to play.
  • Check if you’re aggressive – Aggressive gaming is not a healthy state of mind and is therefore not suggested to play the game while at it. Think about it – you’re not even bothered about where you’re headed, you’re just playing to win – think about what will happen if you lose? Be mindful.
  • It’s about the attitude – When we talk to the winners, they tell us how they were just positive throughout the game and didn’t want to give up. Participate in tournaments, and contests – you’re not there now, you’ll reach the level of an expert. We’ll go cliched – practice makes the man perfect! Basically, the word is
  • Mindfulness – Of course, Rummy is not about just entertainment unlike other games. It’s a series of strategies, judgment, and a lot more. If you’re not attentive enough, you would lose the game without even knowing. Focus and don’t let any external factor blur your thoughts. If it happens, take a break, and get back to it later.
  • Be a good observer – This is probably the first and the last time we’d ask you to keep an eye on your neighbour. It’s important. Even when it comes to discarding and picking cards, your competitor might act smart and win the game. Keep changing the strategies and confuse them with your game plan!
  • Flexibility is the new expertise – When you enter the world of online rummy, you also say Hello to diverse possibilities and a lot of outcomes. You’d be challenged with a new situation during a lot of games. Make sure you keep learning new things about the game every day, it’ll help, like it always does!

I hope you own the next ‘Winner’s Speak’ section on RummyCircle – we’re cheering for you from behind, go get ‘em!

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