How To Drive Away Your Winter Blues

How To Drive Away Your Winter Blues

How To Drive Away Your Winter Blues

Winters are here and even though we may seem to like the nip in the air, it just about makes us lazy, feel dull and completely not in a mood to just about do… NOTHING!

Well, even though you may be in the mood to snuggle inside your warm bed, we know the trick to get you up and about. Ready for the challenge! Give few of them a shot.

  1. Wear the Chef Hat

Yes, we get it that men don’t really go beyond Maggi and women definitely need a break from it. So, how about switching roles at least 2 days a week. Give grilling a shot. It is simple, quick and no significant cooking skills required. Winters give us the perfect reason to indulge in snacks whenever we can grab some. So, indulge your partner and flatter your friends. You just need a grill pan and some veggies or non-veg snacks to start off with.

  1. Weekend Drive Outs

If you haven’t already ticked this off over the New Year weekend, then it is an absolute must. The weather is nice for sticking your head out in the breeze, grabbing sandwiches on the highway and enjoying a fun weekend. No matter which part of the country you are in, there is definitely a spot you can try out.

  1. The Rummy Zone

Well, this is a game that works for any season and occasion, but how can you pass the opportunity to win cash sitting right in your living room. You just need to move your fingers and enjoy your coffee while the rummy game unfolds. The game is simple, you can start playing any time and win cash for each game. So, whether it is your next pizza party or a night with friends, your winning amount takes care of it.

  1. Redecorate and add colors

Winters is not about blue, but a range of colors to try out and go absolutely crazy with. If painting is too much, how about adding some bold elements like carpets, rugs or even new coffee mugs. A bold red, black or even green, will not look bad when served on a winter palette.

  1. Natural Hot Springs

Well, it might be a bit difficult to find and can possibly be clubbed with your travel plans, but this is one thing that you can really enjoy only in the winters. Natural hot springs are rich in minerals and do lot of good for your health. Just soak in the goodness, enjoy the warmth and smile in the winter chills.

  1. Grab Passes for Events and Shows

The weather is great and who will not like to enjoy a few shows and events. Booking the tickets is pretty simple. Just go online and grab the shows that appealed the most to you and go for it. Whether it is open air concerts or exclusive events happening during this time of the year, it is sure to enjoy and start the year on a great note.

  1. Get started with Yoga

We had previously done a survey and our results showed that yoga helps you get better at rummy card game. Well, what better way to integrate mind and body connection and of course get your fitness goals also in place other than yoga. You can start with beginner level and take it as high as you want. So, join a class today.

  1. Music download

No, we are not talking about downloading music on your phones. But how about hearing all upbeat songs that fill you with energy. Winters make us be in a cozy corner with our hands and feet inside warm quilts. But music is something that makes us jiggle our way out of this. Select different genres, add songs to each of them and enjoy moods for different times of the day.

  1. Craft activities

If you feel, there is a bit of creative element in you, then craft ideas can keep you engaged for hours. You can sit under the sun and create puppets, snow jars and even small cup holders. Even though you don’t have to go back to school projects, you can always pick a leaf or two from it. Great way to bound with your family as well.

  1. Hang a bird feeder

Heard about migratory birds? Well, winters are a great time to make a bird feeder. You just need an old plastic bottle or any other waste material around the house. Decorate it the way you like, add a few twigs and you may just get some surprise visitors to your home.

There are many things that you can do during winters. All you need to do is get started and enjoy this chill air. It is only going to last for some time, better make the best out of it.

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