Club Players: How To Fish Your Opponent

Club Players: How To Fish Your Opponent

Club Players: How To Fish Your Opponent

Now that you have built up your confidence in the card game and mastered the skills of rummy, you can take on a more challenging trick. Here is what you need to know about this trick…

Importance of fishing:

As an experienced online rummy player, you can coax the opponent to discard the cards that you want. If you are looking for a Q  or to complete a set of Q ♠ and Q ♣, you can choose to discard the K . When you do so, your opponent may discard the Q  thinking that you are not forming any other grouping with it, unaware of your intention. You can thus pick up the card and form the set easily. This can work when you are actually looking for a card to form a set.

Smartness lies in tricking the opponent to discard the card you need. A possible scenario would be:

  • You want to make a set of three 10s. In your hand, you presently have the 10 ♠, the 10  and the 9 ♣. To trick the opponent, discard the 9 ♣.
  • The opponent might consider the 10 ♣ a safe card to discard thereby helping you to make your set. This process of tricking the opponent is called fishing.

This trick passively influences your fellow player. It is a skill that experienced players hone and seamlessly inspires other players to chuck the card they want. It may seem like the trick works on the element of probability, but there is a good amount of skill that is required. Fishing is also known as baiting or chumming too.

Another scenario for this trick would be:

You are grouping a set of three Jack cards and you have J and J ♣, then discarding a Q ♠ may confuse your opponent who may then discard a J ♠, which is what you want! This process of misleading and getting your opponent to throw the card you want may or may not work.

Important disclaimer: Fishing is a fabulous trick, but it works on the element of probability. The probability that your opponent may discard the card your want is not guaranteed.

Final pointers for this trick:

  • The trick does not work to form a sequence. You can try fishing, when you want to form a set.
  • It is a trick worth trying if you have an appropriate unmatched card that will help you fish.
  • Try this trick with two players at the table. If there are more than two players, then it is not possible to apply it. You cannot pick the card he discards as the turn moves to the next person.

Fishing is a strategy that may work on certain opponents. It is one of the tricks that makes the card game interesting. You can check more tips and tricks of the rummy.

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