How to Overcome Gamer’s Block

How To Overcome Gamer’s Block

How To Overcome Gamer’s Block

We all know someone who is always on his or her smartphone or computer, playing games whenever they are free. However, there comes a point after endless playing, the gamer is unable to figure out the way forward. As a gamer even you may have experienced the same. You would have tried all possible ways to proceed, but you are clueless on how to move ahead in the game.Gamer’s block is the phenomena of getting stuck in a rut in a game.

When you play a single game or different games of the same kind for a long time, your brain fails to think out of the box. Sometimes, you just feel like giving up and stopping after weeks of playing the game. You may be experiencing a severe bout of gamer’s block.

What Causes Gamer’s Block?

In a 1936 novel by George Orwell, the protagonist could not finish writing a poem because it was “too big”, “never really progressed”, and had “fallen apart into a series of fragments”. While this is an example of writer’s block, the very reasons apply to gamer’s block as well.

Even if you have been successfully clearing the levels of a game, you might end up feeling that your progress is either directionless or imaginary. This leads to distraction, and it further demotivates you from playing games that you love. Over time, your gaming skills worsen because your heart isn’t in it.

Gamer’s block is prevalent and typically happens more than once to an avid gamer. Thankfully, you have thousands of choices, both within and outside the world of gaming, to get some downtime and recharge. Here are some things you can do to get out of that funk and get back into the mood of playing your favourite games!

Play Something Completely Different

When you play games based on similar premises and storylines, you are bound to find yourself bored. Let’s say you usually play role-playing games. RPGs have characters that can only operate within a limited behavioural pattern. This means they allow you to interact with characters, not real people. After a while, you see the lack of originality that plagues a traditional role-playing game. The best way to distract yourself then is to focus on a game you’ve never played before, preferably one that doesn’t have a premise.

You can play something as simple as a board game, or something that requires you to be creative. To bring in the element of realism, you can even try out multiplayer games like RummyCircle that allow you to think creatively and pits you against actual people instead of an online avatar. Playing rummy online real money can also pump up your excitement and encourage you to put in your all to win.

Try A Physical Workout For A Mental Boost

It’s very easy to feel enthralled in your favourite game. However, you feel burnt out by playing games for long hours. So, you can try working out, going out for a run or a walk, or playing outdoor sports. Physical activities will serve as a healthy distraction for your saturated brain. You could also try yoga or meditation. Going out and connecting with nature can help you approach your game with a fresh, new perspective.

Indulge In A New Activity

If you are a gamer, you probably often devise new ways to win a game. Use this creativity in the real world, and you will have plenty of things to do.

Try reading or catching up on TV shows or web series. You can even try watching light-hearted movies. You can also pick up a unique hobby such as calligraphy, gardening, and origami or just hang out with friends and family members you haven’t met in a while. Sometimes, even mundane activities like cleaning or ironing clothes can distract the mind enough to break the jinx of gamer’s block.

Ask, And You Shall Receive

While it might seem too obvious, sometimes a fresh perspective might be all you need. If you’re having trouble getting through a level or implementing a successful gaming strategy, just discuss it with others. They could help point out flaws and help fine-tune it! Fortunately for gamers, there is a vibrant community of online players who can always help you with strategies on online forums. For example, when you play rummy online on RummyCircle, you can take advantage of the online forum to interact with players and swap tips.

The key here is to break the established pattern, as it might encourage your brain to think of new strategies. Doing something new could just spark your brain to think of the gaming problem you’ve been encountering in a new light- and that might make all the difference in winning your game! While you might not be too keen about putting away your favourite game, even if only for a while, remember that you will come back refreshed and ready for bigger challenges in your game!

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