Is Travel Time Killing You? Here Are Ideal Games For A Long Journey

Is Travel Time Killing You?

Is Travel Time Killing You?

Who can deny the joys of travelling? The anticipation before you embark on your journey, the days of shopping, and the countless hours of excitement! But once you’re on board the flight or train, you realise how much time you have to kill. After your old road trip playlist has been on a loop for hours and you are yet to feel the slightest bit of drowsiness, things can take a turn for the boring.

If you’re not in the mood to pick up a book or play the same old game of bingo, it’s time to look for something new. Fill those empty travel hours with some favourite travel activities like dumb charades or a rummy game. Take your pick based on whether you’re travelling alone or with friends and pass those hours with some much-needed entertainment.


Ah, the great game of rummy. Remember how you enjoyed hours of rummy with cousins, friends, and family.? A rummy card game is perfect for a long journey. What makes rummy an ideal pick is that it’s both- entertaining as well as a test of skill. Its many intricacies and rules make a deck of cards a perfect companion on a trip. And if you have friends along, it’s only going to get merrier!

Thanks to technology, you don’t’ even need cards to play a game of rummy anymore. Just whip your phone out and engage in endless gameplay on the RummyCircle app. The game remains the same old one you loved, but with the twist of technology and immersive design. What’s more, you can even join tournaments and win cash prizes and bonuses while killing some time during a long journey!


If you’ve pored over newspapers to solve countless Sudoku puzzles, you’ll love doing it as you travel too. Sudoku is a logic-based puzzle that the math geek in you is sure to love, even if you happen to be taking a trip. The winner is, of course, the person who solves the puzzle first. Also, if you happen to be travelling alone, you’ll find yourself keeping busy with Sudoku. There are various Sudoku puzzles available online as well. So, get on your phone, download an app in minutes, and start exercising those grey cells even as some exciting vacation time awaits you.


Scrabble is perhaps the most popular word game. In the age of social media and auto-correct, you might have let your skills of wordplay and lateral thinking rust away. This is your opportunity to sharpen your vocabulary and quick thinking. Battle it out with your friends if you have them along. If not, find some willing players online. It may not be convenient to carry the board if you’re, say, in a car. But, you and your travel buddies can definitely download an app and engage in some multi-player fun. What better way to pass your time before an adventure than exhibit your linguistic prowess the old-fashioned way!


Uno is challenging at first, but perhaps what makes it so much fun is how animated it gets every time someone shouts ‘Uno’! What is even more exciting is the fact that everybody’s hoping everyone else forgets to announce this Eureka moment and loses. The winner of the game is the mastermind that manages to get rid of all their cards. Play a game of Uno, especially if you’re with friends, to enjoy some good old ganging up and lots of banter as you embark on a road trip. If you don’t have a deck, have everyone download an app. It only takes a few minutes and works even as you pass through low network areas.

If you have a few hours at hand, you can make things even more enjoyable by playing a tournament, adding points as you go. What makes this particularly fun is that everyone is now 100% into it and the gameplay becomes that much more tactical.

Monopoly Deal

While you can’t play the much-loved Monopoly on your travel (it gets intensely complicated, and your pieces might fly around), there is something you can do instead. Thanks to the exceptional reimagining of this iconic board game, it’s now turned into an engaging card game.

While the basic premise of establishing monopolies and being mean to your friends remains the same, you’re not really playing with a board. You will get property cards and money cards to build your fortune, but you must still think of strategies to boost your bank balance. And of course, your friends will be out to dethrone you if you get too successful in business!

Why is the Monopoly Deal such an excellent travel card game? It’s thoroughly exciting and fast-paced and is sure to make you feel just a tad nostalgic while playing this new version of Monopoly. You also get to experience the thrill of (maybe) winning a game before you start with your vacation!

So, the next time you plan a trip, solo or with your friends, don’t forget to pack some card games and download some apps to have fun through the journey!

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