Importance Of Going Through Rummy Tutorials

Importance Of Going Through Rummy Tutorials

Importance Of Going Through Rummy Tutorials

If you are a Rummy aficionado, however having lesser expertise in the game, it is not advisable for you to try your hand right away, contesting in cash games on the Rummy tables although you may be severely tempted to do so as you may be found wanting, as it will be equivalent to entering uncharted waters, flooded by experts all over the world.

To make your life easy therefore, RummyCircle has its own inbuilt online tutorials, going through which, you will be able to understand the game thoroughly with all its nuances and develop your own expertise, in the process. Even if you are quite adept in the game, playing it online will provide a different challenge altogether. Let us now take a look at the importance of Rummy Tutorials in detail.

An interactive one:

Having an expert tutorial is a pre-requisite for any learner. A tutorial loses its flair if its method is not interactive. The success of RummyCircle has more to do with this interactive nature that its tutorial is able to provide. The teaching in the video format accompanied by simple dialogues along with subtitles makes it easier for even the beginners to understand the game in its entirety.

User friendly interface:

The tutorials are designed in such a manner that each of them is able to communicate effectively its purpose for which it is initiated. Even a beginner can browse through them and understand not only the game but also how it should be played. You will feel as though you are playing the game yourself as you watch the tutorial videos.

In-depth explanation:

The tutorials in RummyCircle have several videos each of them dealing with one particular aspect of the game. You can get in-depth knowledge of the game going through the videos. Every variant of the Rummy (viz. Pool Rummy, Deals Rummy and Points Rummy) is explained in a lucid manner in the videos, with each being given a separate slot. Similarly, there are videos giving inputs about several aspects of the game as follows:

How to group cards?

Grouping the card is the key in a Rummy game. When you group them properly, you will not miss to form any sequence or set. The tutorial explains as to how to group cards using group button by dragging and dropping.

How to pick cards?

In each turn of yours you have to pick a card from a closed or open deck. This is how sequences and sets are formed. The video explains how to pick a card from the open and closed decks.

How to discard cards?

Like picking up a card, discarding a card once you pick up another card is an important part of the game. The tutorial explains how to click and drag cards to discard them in the open deck.

How to finish the game?

Once the sequences are formed as per the rules of the game, you have to finish the game by pushing the card in the finished slot after clicking on the finished button. The tutorial explains the same.

How to declare the cards?

The declaration is done once you have formed the sequences and sets. This is done first by grouping the cards with the help of group button sequentially and declare it by finally pressing the declare button. This video demonstrates the same.

How to decide when to drop or show?

This video will contain an interviewer asking an expert when he should decide to drop or show. The expert will answer with a couple of situations as examples as to how he decides to continue or drop the game.

Winning tips and tricks by the experts:

In this video tutorial, the rummy expert shares some useful tips and tricks to master the game of rummy

Rummy Strategy Series:

In this tutorial, the rummy expert shares how he strategizes his moves if he does not get a sequence and how he can make a comeback at any point of time. Likewise, another question is asked as to what strategy does, he adopt for points and pool Rummy and the expert gives a relevant answer accordingly.

How to split prize money?

This video explains as to how to split the prize money between the two players. A button called split prize money is there at the bottom right corner, clicking on which you let the other player to respond. Once it is accepted, you will receive a congratulatory mail saying your winnings will be credited to your account.

How to sort the cards?

Sorting of cards as per its genre is done by just a click on the sort button. It is as simple as that. A short video explains precisely that.

Should you do a middle drop?

This video shows an expert informing how to drop in the middle by clicking on the drop button and join again by pressing the comeback button.

How to play Deals Rummy?

This video tutorial will take you to a Rummy table containing six players explaining how to play the game from the start to the finish by pressing relevant buttons from the point of view of the first player.

How to play Indian Rummy?

This quick look at the rules video shows all the rules at a glance in 17 seconds as to how to play Indian Rummy.

How to play 13 cards Point Rummy?

From the point of view of the first player which is you, this video explains as to how to play 13 cards point Rummy in a table of 6 players, from the start to the finish.

Where to find the tutorial?

Having learned the importance of tutorials, you should also know where to find the same. In the RummyCircle website, click the option “how to play”. Under the option how to play, you will get to see the video tutorials in left navigation, here is the link for same –

The tutorials published in the website of RummyCircle must be gone through extensively in order to master the game. Even a minute miss can prove costly, in the longer run. So, know the importance of the tutorials and flourish as an expert by playing the games in your spare time regularly.

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