Interesting Hacks To Erase Your Workday Blues

Interesting Hacks To Erase Your Workday Blues

Interesting Hacks To Erase Your Workday Blues

Come Sunday evening and there is a shadow of unhappiness that sets in. You are stressed, depressed, anxious, and demotivated with the thought of going back to work. You are not alone, there are others who are sluggish to get off the bed and go to work. There are ways to get around it and fire you up about work. From disconnecting on the weekends to playing rummy games, we look at tips that have be tried and tested.

Self-care is the way

When we are rushing to work, we wake up at a set time and follow a routine till we hit the pillow. On the weekends, we tend to sleep at odd, long hours and eat and drink junk. This wreaks havoc on Mondays. Follow your routine – sleep at the right time and eat healthy. You can spoil yourself with treats, but in moderation. Catch up of personal care and grooming, so you feel fresh again.

Have an entertaining time

During a work week, you barely have time to catch up news or tend to your plants. So, on the weekend, hit pause to the hustle and bustle. Take time to release your mind from stress with the India’s most traditional card game, rummy. It has been entertaining people for decades. Indians would play it during their free time. Presently, people have taken this love to the online version of the game. It does offer a unique rummy playing experience. Check out the rummy rules and polish your skills, so that you have an enjoyable and rewarding time.

Unlike playing it in real life, what is great about online rummy is that there are always players ready to start a table. You can just start playing as soon as you join the table. Challenge your rummy skills and enter amazing tournaments. On the weekends, there are interesting tournaments where exciting rewards are given out. Playing rummy for online real money and winning at it, will get rid of the Monday triggers.

Go easy with the schedule

After a relaxing weekend, you know how much work is pending on Monday. You start the week with meeting, ton of emails to respond to, and you tend to start something big on Monday. It is overwhelming and it is enough to give you shortness of breath. There are three ways to get out of such a situation.

  • If possible, limit your Monday schedule. Try to postpone starting a major project on Monday or avoid planning a meeting at the beginning of the week. But in most companies, Mondays are lined with meetings. That brings us to the next point.
  • Plan in advance or the week before to prevent overcrowding Mondays’ schedule. Complete the previous week work by Friday. On Monday, start on a clean slate.
  • Most jobs require juggling between tasks. It is a struggle, so use time management tools. It will help you trace your activities and the duration, so you can manage time effectively.

These tips will help you focus on the job and use the office hours to the maximum, without burning out.

Make a note of your concerns

On Sunday evening, there are millions of thought racing through our minds. The list of things that needs to be done at home and work. This wears you out and fills you with anxieties on the day of rest. What you can do is list out everything on your mind. You see the problems in front of you. Bit of the stress eases out and you feel calmer. When you look at the concerns ask questions such as:

  • How does it make you feel – angry, sad, or fearful?
  • Is the assignment or a certain person stressing you out?
  • What are some the initiatives I can take to erase this worry?
  • Make a plan for the gameplay for the week.

Once we break down our concern and find ways to tackle it, then Monday mornings can be more care-free.

Break away from work on the weekends

Most of us are attached to our mobiles and laptops during the week and on the weekends too. In order to avoid the blues on Monday, it is advisable to disconnect from these devices. Thinking about work on the weekend makes you linger in that same mindset. So, put a pin in these thoughts and detach yourself from office anxieties.

Monday blues is a condition that is spreading like wildfire. It is affecting many people from around the world. So, flip the condition with these interesting hacks and wipe away the blues.

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