Introducing Pool Rummy

Pool Rummy brings your local Rummy club online

Hi Everyone, Big News Today!

We are pleased to announce the introduction of a new game format – Pool Rummy on our website. Rummy lovers can now enjoy the rummy club experience online with our new format. Here we answer a few quick questions that you may have, so that you can start Rummying now!

What is Pool Rummy?

Pool Rummy on (formerly is a 2 to 6 player game, played using 2 or more packs of 53cards each (including one printed joker per pack). In Pool Rummy, players pay a fixed entry fee which forms the prize pool. Winner of every deal gets 0 pointsand the rest accumulate points which are added to their score. A player is eliminated once their score reaches the maximum limit of points on the table eg: 101Points Pool or 201 Points Pool.

Winnings in Pool Rummy = (Entry Fee) x (no. of players on the table) – (formerly fees

What’s New in Pool Rummy?

Auto Drop: A player is allowed to drop anytime during a Pool Rummy match by clicking on ‘Auto Drop‘button. This player will then be dropped from subsequent deals and given the first drop score (i.e. 20 points in 101 pool or 25 points in201 pool). If this player wishes to re-join the table, they can do so by clicking on ‘I’m Back ‘Button. The points accumulated by this player when he/she was dropped, will be added to his/her score.

Prize Split: In Pool Rummy, players can use the ‘Split‘option if they choose to split the prize money. The split option will work as a function of number of drops remaining for a player. Know More about Pool Rummy.

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