Learning from Opponents – Adapt to Win

Learning from Opponents – Adapt to Win

Learning from Opponents – Adapt to Win

They say you either win or learn.

Winning is not always the opposite of losing – and we agree. Here’s a secret – You’ll always find good online Rummy players looking at improving themselves. Being a part of tournaments. Never struggling at losing. Taking learnings like a pro. Being respectful and complimenting their opponents! Yes, you heard us right. Competitors could actually contribute to your learning curve.

Maybe look at them to understand what it is that you’d not like to do instead of replicating their strategies. If you keep an eye on the opponents, the game will become even more interesting because you’d be able to understand different mindsets and views of the same game. The nature of online Rummy is such that no tactic or strategy could be ‘one-size-fits-all’.

Here are a few ways on how you can do it better –

  • Don’t blindly follow, LEAD –

While we believe in keeping the competition healthy, collaboration doesn’t mean copying the moves and strategies of opponents when you play Rummy. Focus inward – in a sense that the goodness in you should reflect in the next game. Take one lesson from every game you play and see yourself shine!

  • Success most of the times is non-transferable –

What works for Player A might not work for Player B, so on and so forth. For instance, a few players are good in some specific tournaments and make the most of that time. The others play almost regularly and have different styles of playing on the basis of ongoing tournaments. Be very mindful of what you take from your opponents.

  • Being Respectful is as important –

With the chat feature on the RummyCircle app, try to compliment your opponent when you see a good move. You’d ask why. It’s because that particular move helped them in this game and will continue to help you in the coming ones. Be respectful of what you say and keep in mind, it’s just a game. You win some, you lose some. No. You win some, you LEARN some.

  • Do this for you –

The dedication and flexibility in you to see someone else winning is only going to drive you to be a better online Rummy player. This simply means you’re good at absorbing new skills and capable of learning in any environment, even if it’s a competitive game. It also reflects the capacity in you to keep getting better, one game at a time.

  • SWOT the way through! –

For the uninitiated, SWOT means Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats – This can help you understand where you lack and what you can do to improve yourself. You’re basically elbowing for a room in the same game and realizing what will help you become good at it is only a win-win situation.

These were a few things to keep in mind and partner with the other players. Our Advice? From now on, whenever you login and start playing online for real money, try not to play ‘against’ the opponents, instead learn from their strategies and win in the upcoming matches!

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