Strategy for Beginners : Master Your Rummy Skills

Strategy for Beginners : Master Your Rummy Skills

Strategy for Beginners : Master Your Rummy Skills

It is time to lay and strengthen the foundation on rummy rules, strategies, and tricks. This card game is easy and fun to play to have an entertaining time. However, it is important to brush up on the skills to master the game. Learning the finer details of the game is the ideal way to get started. So, let us jump right into it.

Understand the rummy rules

Objective of rummy: It is simple! When you are dealt 13 cards quickly arrange them into valid sequences and sets or hit the SORT button, which is available on the rummy platform. A click and the cards are arranged into probable combinations. Also, don’t forget the rule that there has to be a minimum of two sequences and one of them has to be a pure sequence.

Pure sequence: You cannot declare without this sequence and it is one of the toughest sequences to form. So, from the moment your cards are dealt, concentrate on the strategy to form a pure sequence first. No printed joker (PJ), no wildcard jokers – the quest begins.

Scenario 1 – pure sequence: 5 6 7 8

Scenario 2 – invalid pure sequence: 3 5 7 8

Scenario 3 – invalid pure sequence: 5 PJ 7 8

Impure sequence: The best part of an impure sequence is that you can use a printed joker and wildcard joker to complete a sequence. These cards work as a perfect substitute to a missing card in forming this sequence.

Scenario 1 – impure sequence: 2♠3♠4♠5♠PJ

Scenario 2 – impure sequence: 2♠34♠ (3 is the wildcard joker and replaces 3♠)

Scenario 3 – invalid impure sequence: ♠3♠4♠5 (this is a pure sequence)

Scenario 4 – invalid impure sequence: 5♣67♣8♣ – (6 is a random card and not a wildcard joker)

Sets: This grouping is different from sequences and easier to form. You just need cards from different suits, but the value has to be the same. There is no restriction to the use of wildcard joker and printed joker.

Scenario 1 – set: Q Q♣ Q

Scenario 2 -set: 5 5♣ Q♠ PJ (printed joker replaces 5)

Scenario 3 – set: 5 5♣ Q♠ (Q♠ is a wildcard joker replacing 5♠)

Scenario 4 – invalid set: J J J (there are two Js of the same suit )

Scenario 5 – invalid set: K J♣ J (K is a random card that does not fit in this set)

Engage in practice games

When you start playing a new game, you are introduced to a tutorial. Similarly, on this platform, this is the ideal way to rehearse these rummy rules and strategies. The practice games throw up various scenarios, which helps you build confidence in the game. Also, there are unlimited practice rounds and the chips are renewed at intervals. Plus, it is absolutely free.

Choose a rummy variant

There are four rummy variants on this platform – Points Rummy, Pool Rummy and Deals Rummy.

Points Rummy: It is a fast and thrilling game, where the points have a pre-decided rupee value. The person who declares wins all the cash based on the opponents’ total points.

Pool Rummy: It is one of the most common rummy variants. All opponents pool in their entry fee and the winner takes it all. There are two choices in the game: 101 and 201. Avoid reaching a score of 101 or 201, depending on which game you choose. You will be eliminated from the game.

Deals Rummy: It is a relaxing, long game. Deals rummy calls for playing with virtual chips. In the game, the number of deals is decided in advance and the chips are distributed. The person with the largest number of chips at the end of the game is declared as a winner.

Mistakes to avoid

  • Entering a cash game without mastering the rummy rules. Imagine trying cooking for the first time without knowing anything. The experience would be de-motivating. So, read the rules, understand it, and sharpen your rummy skills.
  • Playing the game without a strategy is like playing cricket without a plan. You are going to lose. From the moment, the cards are dealt, form a strategy to sort out the cards wisely and discard the unwanted cards.
  • Not using the jokers to the maximum advantage. Be alert for the wild card joker and make complete use of the jokers to form impure sequences and sets.
  • Picking only from the open deck is a complete no. It will give the opponent an idea of the sequences and sets you are forming.
  • Declaring an invalid declaration in a haste. It will cost you heavily, so be alert and recheck your cards before declaring.

When to enter cash game

Participating in a cash game opens the possibility to win real cash rewards. The excitement level rises, especially when you win. However, to avoid losses be well versed with the rules and improve your rummy skills in the practice rounds. If you get carried away in the game, then set your monthly cash limit. Play responsibly! If you have hit a rough patch, go to the practice games and reconnect with the gameplay.

If you are just starting off as a beginner in online rummy, then ensure you are knowledgeable of the rules and your skills are sharp.

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