Use of Mathematical Concepts in Rummy

Use of Mathematical Concepts in Rummy

Use of Mathematical Concepts in Rummy

Online Rummy is a popular card game that millions of Indians enjoy tremendously. Rummy has always been a favorite card game with Indians, played enthusiastically with friends and family. Almost all social occasions saw a rummy card game.

Rummy requires skill, strategy, and practice. If you have good mathematical skills, then you certainly have an edge over other player. Even in math, it is the probability concept that comes in handy. Permutation and Combination and Probability Theory is what gains points and victory in online rummy for most.

Sequences are very important in rummy. They are the building blocks of the game, and to be able to decide what to keep and discard quickly is a great advantage. Knowledge of Probability can be a great decision here. For example, consider that you have a sequence of 2 4, 6 of Diamonds. You need either a 5 or 3 to complete the sequence. What makes you go with 5 over 3 is the knowledge that more combinations can be made with it. Another important point is that if you have a 3 of Diamond and an 8 of Diamond, do not hold on to these cards if you see the opponent discarding a 5 of the same suits. The probability of gaining a wanted card here gets very low.

When playing online rummy with two decks of cards, get your math right about the number of suits, jokers, etc. 52 cards each means 2 printed jokers and 104 cards with 4 suits of 26 cards each. Add a wild card Joker, which brings the total to 8 jokers (2 decks x 1 from each suit). Thus, there are 10 jokers in a game (8 wild card Jokers +2 printed Jokers).

One can estimate the probability of the opponent’s joker by watching the discarded cards. If you hold 2 Jokers, there are 8 of them present elsewhere. This helps you find the chance of getting a Joker from the closed deck. This is based on the assumption of one or two jokers held by others.

Another trick of easy Probability is keeping an eye on the odd, even numbers in hand. If you have more even numbers in your served hand, then obviously, the opponent has more odds, which makes the task of calculating much easier. The color of cards is determined similarly. If you have more black, then assume that the competitors have more red, and even the closed deck is probably more red than black. A rule of thumb– ALWAYS keep an eye on the discards.

The actual math of Probability

There are 52 cards of different suits in a standard deck of cards. Each of the suits of diamond, heart, club, and spade has 13 cards. Each suit has four face cards—queen, joker, king, and Ace or (Q, J, K, A). The equal Probability of getting one desired card out of the 52 cards is:


The Probability of not picking the desired card is: (1-1/52)

The Math shows that the probability of getting the desired card is lower than getting an unfavorable one.

Another mathematical reality is that getting a pure sequence of 4 cards of the same suit is low. So how do you calculate a win here? Here we use the basic permutation and combination formula. N denotes the number of all permutations of things, R is the number at a given time, which is represented as NPR = N!/(NR)!

“!” denotes factorial. In layman’s terms, the formula can be read as, “How many ways can you arrange ‘r’ from a set of’ n’ in an order?”

Anyone who has studied basic Probability in school will find math easy to do.

Some basic rules of Probability while playing online rummy game, make it easier to stay ahead of one’s opponents. If you are using more decks to play; the chances of making a pure sequence improve. Secondly, keep an eye on who picks up what and discards what. Color is the third factor that will enhance your chances of winning the online rummy game. Meld the sequences using permutations and combinations Probability. Applying these principles will help you win online rummy games.

The mathematical illustrations here, prove that rummy is a skill-based game, and the outcome of the game changes based on the mathematical skills of the players.

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