Common Mistakes That Every Beginner Must Avoid In A Rummy Game

Common Mistakes That Every Beginner Must Avoid In A Rummy Game

Common Mistakes That Every Beginner Must Avoid In A Rummy Game

The game of Rummy, on hindsight, might look easy to learn and play. But if you are not thorough with it, you may end up making loads of mistakes. Even expert Rummy players are prone to make mistakes as the game is a fast-paced one. So, what to say about beginners who lack experience and match practice? Let us now see some of the common mistakes that a beginner should avoid while playing the game of online Rummy.

Playing games directly without appearing in the practice tables:

It is one of the biggest blunders that any Rummy aspirant can make. Even if you know the game of Rummy thoroughly, it will be a huge risk to play it directly without playing practice matches because online Rummy is totally a different game compared to what you might have played during marriages and other functions with friends and relatives. Your temptation to play the game should not obstruct your logic and take you straight to cash tables. So, always play practice matches first and then go for the serious games.

Holding high value cards for long:

Rummy is totally a different ball game when compared to the rest of the sports or games available in the world. When you have high value cards with you, you will run the risk of losing the deal big. So, always ensure that high value cards are discarded on each turn especially when you feel you are having a bad hand. After all, you need not have to hold high value cards to form pure sequence, which is the necessity for winning a Rummy game.

Discarding wild cards:

When you have a wild card with you, make sure that you do not drop it. There is always a possibility that you consider it as just another card and discard it. As the game is a fast-paced one, you may overlook the fact that you have actually discarded a wild card, thereby missing out on an opportunity of forming a sequence. You may not make this mistake when you have a printed joker as a wild card but when a random card is picked up to do a role of a wild card, you might end up making this mistake. So, keep a closer watch on your cards.

Wrong declaration:

Wrong show or declaration is a common mistake that a beginner may make in haste. You may have been waiting for long for a particular card to complete a sequence. So as soon as you found a card with a closer resemblance (same number of a different suit), getting misled by its colour, you might take possession of it and do a wrong declaration. Therefore, you need to always double check your cards before finally going for a show.

Taking an eye off your opponents:

In a Rummy game, as much as it is important to keep an eye on your own cards, it is equally important or probably more important to have an eye on your opponents’ game. If you keep an eye on your opponents’ moves and remember their moves, you will have an idea on the type of sequence/set they are trying to form. If you have a card that can assist them in forming a sequence, your persistent watch on your opponents’ moves will alert your mind that you should not be discarding that particular one. When you take an eye off your opponents’ moves, you will start playing into the hands of your opponents who will end up manipulating you easily in getting things done by making you discard the cards of their need.

When you are a beginner, you should never make the mistakes listed above. So, before playing a Rummy game, tell yourself multiple times that you will not commit any silly mistake. When you are determined not to commit one, you have a greater scope of winning the online Rummy game for cash.

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