One week gone, 4 more to go! Don’t miss the chance to win in Diwali Rummy Tournament

DRT_LP1_English-v2RummyCircle’s Annual Diwali Rummy Tournament (DRT) has already completed 1 week. It has been an exciting and rewarding beginning for many. Feedback from all over India has been pouring in from thousands of players who participated. More than 400 people have fun the Finale tickets along with exciting cash prizes. Let’s hear what some of the players have to say.

26 year old Amit Kumar from Rajasthan is playing in the DRT for the first time. “Am feeling lucky on winning the grand final ticket in the first attempt,” he says.

But 39 year old Joji Joseph from Maharashtra is a veteran at the game. “I have won in the last four DRT’s as well. This time I got the ticket earlier. I am very happy to participate in the 7th DRT,”, says Joji

There is good news for all those who have won the ticket to the Finale already. This year’s game format allows you to play everyday, compete in the weekly Finale, and keep adding to your winnings. One person can end up winning upto Rs 7 lakh in the entire duration of the tournament!

Multiple qualifiers are on daily followed by a weekly Finale every Sunday. Click here for the full schedule. The month-long games from October 5 to November 7 culminate into the Grand Finale to be held on November 8 with more than Rs 10 lakh to be won in a single day!

This is a sure shot way of making your Diwali prosperous. “I am very happy in getting the Diwali Grand Finale ticket. I hope to win at the Finale and make my Diwali happier with RummyCircle,” says 57 year old Harivallabh Davada from Maharashtra.

These are just a few examples. There are many more who have won cash prizes and ticket to the Grand Finale and are spreading the word. Be part of this glorious tournament and win lakhs in cash prizes. Register here

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