Why Online Rummy Is Better Than The Traditional ‘Offline’ Rummy

Why Online Rummy Is Better Than The Traditional ‘Offline’ Rummy

Why Online Rummy Is Better Than The Traditional ‘Offline’ Rummy

Let us guess – you were recently a part of this heated up debate about online vs. offline Rummy? Or you just read about it and are now confused which side to take? We’re here to help you decide. Rummy has been one of the most played card games in India – it was traditionally enjoyed during festive events and social gatherings.

But well, time has changed. With everything becoming digital these days, gaming industry has taken a huge leap of faith in its own time. It has succeeded and how! Same goes for Rummy, while the traditional game will never lose its own essence of bringing everyone together, online Rummy is minimizing the chances of unfair approaches in the game, which, at the end of the day is the biggest priority for every player.

Our unbiased opinion – Go digital! And here’s how we concluded–

  • Like we said, the errors in calculation are shrinking today – thanks to online rummy. Problems and arguments have become a thing of the past with a secure and safe platform for practice as well as real cash rummy.
  • You get to choose from a variety of players – on the other hand, traditional rummy can be difficult to deal with, especially with a lot of players. Online rummy has left no room for any confusion which makes it one of the most played games across India.
  • The statement ‘But I have a lot of work to do’ holds no sense in the digital era. Multi-platform gaming allows players to access internet and play online Rummy from different devices and start from where they left off. This includes money won, bonuses, credits, points, among others. It’s the ease that attracts online gamers.
  • Generation Z and millennials often have more disposable income and therefore, they want to involve in something that challenges their skillsets instead of revolving around just pure chance. Online Rummy serves the purpose by providing flexibility and multiple choices to this generation.
  • Sure, you can invite relatives or friends to play offline Rummy. But think about the sheer possibilities online Rummy brings to the table – They say internet is a social construct and playing online with as many friends as you want to, is indeed a blessing and hassle-free.
  • And how can we not talk about tournaments, and promotions – these concepts have always been aliened the conventional Rummy. From redeeming special cash prizes to depositing bonus, online rummy has it all – just a click, and you have your profile with everything accessible!
  • Have you always felt left out as a beginner in every game you have ever played? Well, RummyCircle has practice games for beginners to start with – they make sure you dive deeper into real cash games only after you’ve gained expertise.

While the technology is improving every day, offline Rummy might die in the coming years – online Rummy is undoubtedly here to stay and create myriad possibilities for the online gaming community! Are you ready for the next game then?

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