What You Need to Know About Open And Closed Deck In Rummy Game

Open And Closed Deck In Rummy Game

Open And Closed Deck In Rummy Game

Feel the need to unwind and relax with friends after a long day at work? Looking for the perfect game at home that involves the participation of the whole family on quiet evenings? Or are you looking forward to any sport… to simply uplift your mood and refresh your mind? No prizes for guessing this one!

This evergreen game of cards has gradually and firmly woven itself into the fabric of our lives.

The objective of this skill-based game is to arrange or meld the 13 cards every player is dealt into two combinations called sets and sequences. A “Set” is a group of three or four cards of the same rank whereas a “Sequence” consists of a minimum of three consecutive cards of the same suit. 

This is a “draw-and-discard” game in which each player picks and uses a card if required and then discards another one till all 13 cards are arranged into proper sets and sequences. Therefore the Open deck and Closed Deck play an important and crucial role in this whole process.

In Rummy, once 13 cards from two decks are distributed to every player the remaining cards are kept face-down to form a “Closed deck”. Whereas, the “Open deck” or discard pile consists of cards that players have thrown or discarded. A clever rummy player will know exactly how to use these cards to his / her advantage.

  • It is always advisable to pick cards from the closed deck first. 
  • Since they are placed face-down, your opponent cannot guess the value and consequently is left wondering and guessing the identity of the card you picked.
  • Remember while picking cards from the closed deck, hold it closer to yourself or place it with your other cards in hand before you glance at it, to ensure your opponent cannot catch a peek of it in case it’s a useful one.
  • This smart tactic also ensures your opponent remains unaware of the possible melds you are working on.
  • Similarly pay minute attention to the cards picked by your opponents from the open deck.
  • Once you get an idea about the value of cards they require, you can tactically hold on to similar cards in your hand before discarding them. 
  • At the same time keep a sharp look-out at the cards discarded by your opponents in the open deck, so that they can be picked at the right time to complete your melds.

Rummy is the perfect card game for sharp and agile minds. A certain degree of strategic planning is required to observe, analyze and find the right balance between picking and discarding cards from the Open and Closed decks at the right moments. It is the key that ensures the translation of a riveting game into a thrilling victory.

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