How To Outsmart Your Opponents In Rummy

Time and again, we have reiterated that Rummy is a game of logic. If one wants to beat opponents in an online game, it is advisable to stay a step ahead of your opponents by utilizing strategy, logic, native cunningness.

In the online game of Rummy, the aim is to win by all. So how do you ensure that you win some good points?

Here are some pointers from Rummy Circle to stay ahead and keep your points and record high.

  1. Ensure that you have the required pure sequences. If you are awaiting a particular card to complete your sequence, do not wait too long for it.
  2. Avoid holding on to high points cards like ( A,K,Q). Always focus on keeping low points cards in hand.
  3. Use jokers wisely. Jokers are the trump cards that help you finish a run, so make full use. But be aware that depending on jokers to close sequences is not right. Sometimes they come in handy to declare too.
  4. If you have a weak hand, dropping out of the game is okay. The penalty is only 20 points if you opt-out without making any moves, but if you drop after a move, then the penalty is 40 points. So analyze and evaluate your cards at the beginning. Do you think you have a good set of cards in hand? Do you think winning is a strong probability? If you have been dealt a readymade sequence, excellent, but if all your cards are of high value, then you may not be in a good position, if your opponent declares before you. So consider opting out. Another way is to bluff your way and hold a winning hand. This kind of gameplay requires some practice, patience and expertise. And if you are playing against an expert opponent, he or she might guess your tricks, so tread carefully.
  5. Never underestimate your opponent. If you are a good player, assume that your opponent is better. Be focused and track the cards picked up and discarded by the opponent. This will give you a fair idea of the opponent’s hands.
  6. While picking up a card from the open pile or the stacked deck, remember that your moves are also being analyzed, and you are giving away information. So employ some cunningness and go in for some bluff. You can confuse the opponent by throwing away a card from a long sequence or duplicate cards. You can also trick your opponent into giving up a much-needed card.
  1. While taking cards from the open pile for a sequence, you should be aware of the fact that you are leaving a clue for your opponent about your game. You can confuse them by throwing a card (that you may have two of) that is part of the sequence. For instance, if you are melding three kings ( e.g. Hearts and Diamond) then confuse your opponent by discarding a Queen of Spades. Your opponent then might oblige you with a King of Spades or Club. This kind of gameplay is called baiting or fishing.
  1. Analyzing and strategizing are two crucial ingredients to ensure a win. Analyze your hands along with the opponents’. This helps one get clarity over the cards in hand and what strategy to follow. Especially in online Rummy, it is essential to concentrate and focus. It is easy to get distracted or zone out when playing on online rummy platforms or, in fact, any online game.
  1. If you have too many low-value cards, do not hold on to them. They are a good source to confuse your opponent. Discard them and keep on picking up new cards, this is bound to confuse the opponent and might push the other players into making wrong moves.

10.Always keep in mind your opponent’s hands. It helps you make smarter choices about what to pick up and discard. If he throws a queen of spade, you know you are safe to throw a J, K, of Spade. Read both the negative and positive messages you get from their game. A discarded queen in itself does not mean that it is not a ploy to confuse you, but it is still something to keep in mind that he may or may not form a run of three other queens or that there is no high-value sequence in the opponent’s hand.

The above-mentioned strategies and pointers stand true for any online rummy platform game, if you are so interested.

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