Club Players: Perks For Loyal Rummy Players

Club Players: Perks For Loyal Rummy Players

Club Players: Perks For Loyal Rummy Players

You are a loyal club player who has been playing on this platform for a really long time. As a long-time club player, you can enjoy discounts, free entries, offers, and a ton of privileges. These perks may assist the player to excel further and win bigger prizes or enjoy benefits that are special to certain players. Eager to know what they are? Let us break it down and understand how to attain each of the perks.

RummyRewardz at its best

Once you play cash rummy games, you earn Loyalty Points and Reward Points that you can use to redeem various incredible benefits. Here is what you need to know about RummyRewardz:

Loyalty Points: When you play a cash game, you have to pay an entry fee. You may feel the pinch of it, but there are rewards attached to it. For instance, every ₹ 50 you spend on a cash game, you earn 1 point. These points also establish your club status.

Tip: Use your Loyalty Points before the month ends as the counter is set back to ‘0’ at the beginning of each month.

Reward Points (RP): What is amazing about online rummy is that you win redeemable currency at the end of a cash game. For instance, 1 Reward Point is gained for each Loyalty Point you earn. Once you collect the RPs, it is time to redeem it. Wondering how to redeem the points? There are three ways:

  • Tournament Entries: To enter a tournament, you have to pay an entry fee. This is where the RPs are valuable. Save your money and redeem your points for the entry.
  • Lucrative Bonuses: There are two types of bonuses – deposit bonus and prime bonus. Here’s what you need to know.
    • Deposit Bonus: As the name suggests, you will receive a bonus when you make a deposit. For instance, get 50 percent or 100 percent bonus up to ₹ 1000 on a cash deposit. Amazing right!
    • Prime Bonus: When you have enough RPs you can avail a bonus up to ₹ 5,000 without making a cash deposit at all. It is a cashless and deposit-free bonus.
  • Withdrawable Cash: When you collect sufficient RPs, you can redeem it by converting it into cash. This is the only rummy platform that allows you to do it. You can redeem RPs for withdrawable cash up to ₹ 1000.

Enjoy Club Bonus

Players can enjoy various bonuses on this platform such as Exclusive Bonus, Sunday Bonus, Friday Bonus, Supreme Bonus, etc. Then there is the Club Bonus, which has better perks. Say for instance, a player can earn additional Club Bonus up to 50 percent, counting up to a maximum of ₹ 3,000. Compared to the other clubs, Club Bonus is the only place where players can earn maximum bonus. Also, these are generally time bound, so stay in tune with them.

Make the most of your RummyStar profile

It is a fabulous referral programme, where you can take home real cash rewards. You have to be chosen for the programme. Like an exclusive party, you will receive an invitation. The process to be a RummyStar is interesting. From an appropriate resolution image to a worthy testimonial, the quality of your profile page, will enable the RummyStar feature. As you can have only one account, you can only have one RummyStar profile. So, make it the best, invite family, friends, and acquaintances to the platform and earn cash.

Get ready to Rummy Rumble

Join other rummy-lovers in a race to score the highest points. It is a complete rush of energy as you try to beat your opponent not just in the game but also beat them with the score. In Rummy Rumble, the prize pool reaches crores and the person with the highest score can win in lakhs. All you have to do is play six-player points rummy games of any Point Value to be eligible for the Rumble. Rise up in the rank and win the big prize in the Grand Rumble.

Rummy is not restricted to certain rummy variants. Online rummy offers players a rummy experience like never before. Loyal players of the platform are treated with exclusive features, programmes, and rewards, hence, it is better to be a long-standing player in this platform.

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