Play Rummy Only On TRF Certified Platforms

Play Rummy Only On TRF Certified Platforms

Play Rummy Only On TRF Certified Platforms

When you want to buy gold or diamond jewellery, you go to an authorised store. You can trust the store as it has certified products. You know the jeweller is transparent. Similarly, when you play rummy online, you want to play it on a trustworthy and certified platform. There are so many rummy platforms available online and offer you the world and more. You feel a bit fishy about the whole process, but you do not know how to verify the platform. Next time you play rummy on your phone, there is one thing you need to spot. It will give you an idea if it is an authentic card gaming platform.

TRF Certification

Before we get into the certification part, let us first understand what is The Rummy Federation (TRF). It is a not for profit establishment that comes under the Societies Registration Act. This body supports and guides online rummy game operators in providing sustainable and healthy entertainment to players of India.

So, The Rummy Federation (TRF) has certified only four rummy operators in India with the Dynamic Seal and RummyCircle is one of them. This portal is verified and qualified for rummy lovers to play the game online. You will find the TRF certification on this website.

What does the TRF Certification mean?

A certificate always implies that the product or service is genuine, trustworthy, excellent, and gone through a process to ensure top notch quality. So, it is with the case of TRF—it means three things to rummy platforms:

Safe & secure: One of the beautiful things about playing rummy on mobile is that you can win real cash prizes. The winning amount can reach lakhs or crores in some special tournaments. However, to enter these tournaments you have to pay a nominal fee. This is where TRF comes in and certifies that the multiple payment options such as credit cards, debit cards, eWallets and Netbanking, are safe and secure.

Also, once you win real cash rewards, you want to withdraw it without glitches. This rummy platform offers you instant payment options; you can see your winning amount in the bank account right away.

Fair game: You have thought it at some point – are online gaming platforms fair? There are thousands of rummy players on the card gaming platform at the same time. Is it possible that other players are colluding to rig the system? This rummy platform follows a strict fair play policy. This controls any type of fraud and collision. The policy allows every player that comes on the platform a fair opportunity to win the game. They have taken various steps and there are measures in place to ensure complete transparency.

Responsible play: There are occasions when players can get carried away in the gameplay. When you are on a roll, you want to keep playing. Sometimes the outcome is positive and on other occasions the results are not what you expect. Play rummy online real money but follow some parametres to play responsibly. RummyCircle urges every player to play responsibly. That implies that players have the liberty to set their monthly playing limit. It can be modified any time the player wants. Along with it, players can monitor their gameplay budget, time spent to play rummy online and even temporarily suspend their account. These steps are a great way for rummy lovers to stay on track with the online version of the game.

How do you get it?

It is difficult to get a seal. The rummy platforms have to go through an intense review and audit procedure that a well-known audit company performs. Before the audit, the platforms abide by a “code of conduct” for six months.

Under the code of conduct, players were offered the option to exit the game at any particular time to avoid impulsive behaviour. That player can join the game by writing to the operator, however, the player can’t start playing for at least 72 hours.

It is no more a secret that there are a number of online players that dabble on various rummy platforms. Hence, to offer them a safe playing ground, these regulations are needed – safety, fair play, and responsible play.

The TRF has redefined how to play rummy and created an ecosystem that is reliable, trustworthy, and prudent. So, play the card game only on certified platforms like this one and enjoy an entertaining and safe experience.

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