How to Play With Your Jokers Smartly

rummy with joker

Rummy games always make us excited and it is this challenge in the moment that makes the game so interesting. However, other than the excitement, you also need to play your cards right and one important card is the Joker.

It is often the most taken casually card that can replace just about any card, anytime. However, there is a way to play the Joker card right and here is how to do it.

Work without a Joker

The first and most important thing to do is work without Joker. So, to start the game, make your pure sequence and park it away. Now try to form your sets as well without the Joker. If you are making two sets, try and close minimum one set without a Joker.

Impure Sequences and Joker

You need your Joker to form your impure sequence, but what card are you actually replacing when using the Joker. If you are using the Joker to replace low value cards like 2 and 3 and holding on to your high value cards like King and Queen, then it is a big mistake. Holding on to high value cards can increase the point load and is not an advisable thing to do.

Time your discards

Having Joker in your spread may make you happy, however, it doesn’t mean that you don’t need a strategy to win the game. For example, 6 is the Joker card, then you can discard cards close to it, like 7 or 5. This will confuse your opponent and also keep you ahead in the game.

Use Your Jokers Well

Using the Joker and holding on to it, till the very end is important. If you have more than one Joker in your spread, use them to form your sets and sequences. However, they should always be kept as your last resort. Don’t make your sets with the Jokers at the very beginning of the game.

When to discard Jokers

Yes, having Jokers feel like you have a treasure in your hand and you definitely don’t want to give it away. However, you should also know when to discard your Jokers. When you discard a Joker, the other players can’t pick it from the discard pile. It always needs to be drawn from the closed deck. So, if you have managed to make your sequences, and still have multiple Jokers, discard and pick some more useful card.

Important Note: Even though having Jokers in your spread is always useful, however you should know how to win the game even without a single Joker in your spread. Practice playing rummy everyday and have new strategies to win the game, with or without Jokers.

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