Introducing POINTS RUMMY – More THRILL More PLAYERS More CASH (formerly excitedly announces the launch of our closed BETA version of Points Rummy on our all NEW Multi-Player Rummy tables.

We bring you India’s vintage game-Rummy in an all new format called POINTS RUMMY. We have opened the closed BETA version of our new game to a select few players who will be able to see the POINTS RUMMY section when they login to (formerly In due course of time, we will open the Points Rummy section to all our player-base.

How is POINTS RUMMY Special?

More Thrill
POINTS RUMMY on our all new Multi-player Rummy tables takes thrill to a whole new level. The ‘winner takes it all’ format is sure to keep all players hooked and at their wit’s end till the very end of the game!

More Players
With our new Multi-Player Rummy Tournaments format, you get to battle multiple players on a single Rummy table. The thrill of crushing your opponents to take your victorious spoils couldn’t get better than this!

More Cash
The winner takes all the Cash and none of the players know till the end that how much they’d win or lose in a game. So gear up to be the next big Cash winner!

Experience Speed at it’s Best (formerly brings you the fastest multi-player Rummy game ever created!

We sincerely encourage all players who have got access to the Points Rummy section to share their feedback with us. This will help us improve and make your playing experience better.

Watch this space for more updates and continue to have a Multi-Player Points Rummy Time!

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