5 Reasons Why Everyone Loves December

Winter Fun

Winter Fun

It’s the last month of the year, and for very evident reason, everyone loves it! December has a lot to offer – it’s the time for year-end celebrations, vacations, family-time, exchanging gifts and the time for new promises and embarking on new journeys! So, what is it about December that everyone loves so much? Let’s find out.

Christmas – In December, it’s time to jingle all the way! Wear your favourite Santa Claus hat and strut around the streets, because this is the only time you can. When it comes to Christmas, we’re all big kids. From the bright, twinkling lights strung on windows to the sound of Christmas carols and music, to the aromas of cakes and cookies wafting through the air to exchanging presents with family and friends, everything about this festive season is exciting. This festive season brings everyone together for dinners, fun and games and celebrations that are sure to last a lifetime.

Shopping – Of course, shopping is something you can do at any time of the year. During December, however, it’s so much better. There are always end-of-the-year sales that make shopping economical. This also makes it easier for you to shower your loved ones with gifts. Or if you are feeling a little indulgent, pamper yourself too. In addition to this, the weather is far more pleasant than any other time in the year, allowing you to shop to your heart’s content without breaking into a sweat!

Vacation – After working super hard all through the year, a winter vacation is a much-needed break. It’s the perfect time to take a holiday for the whole family, right from stay at home moms to school and college students, to working individuals, since this is when almost everyone gets a few days of downtime. Whether you plan an extended weekend getaway from the city or a week-long winter holiday, it is an excellent opportunity to spend quality time with your near and dear ones. Taking a holiday at this time of the year is also a great way to rejuvenate the body and mind before beginning a new year that is full of energy, hope and optimism.

Family and friends – Who better to spend time rejoicing with than close friends and family? With umpteen parties and important events, December brings families together to celebrate and make merry. Whether your family lives in another part of the country or out of the country, during this time of the year, everyone makes an exception and goes out of their way to spend time with family. If you are looking for a way to bring everyone together for a night of fun, this is the perfect time for hosting movie marathons and theme parties. Alternatively, if you are looking for something more exclusive and add a competitive element, game nights are a great idea. From Pictionary to Charades, or even a Rummy game, these kinds of parties are sure to bring fun, laughter and excitement, and will leave you with memories you will cherish forever. So, make the most of December while you can.

Reflect and prepare for renewal – More than anything, December is the time for renewal. This month is the perfect time for you to get rid of old habits and old thoughts that could be holding you back, professionally, personally or spiritually, and plan for a brand-new year! It’s time to reflect on what you have achieved in the old year and set the goals you will be chasing after in the forthcoming year. For many, the new year is akin to a new beginning. So, it’s a chance to leave everything behind and start anew. December invites reminiscing on the past and embracing the possibilities of a new year with open arms. So, feel free to join the millions of people who make oaths and promises that will bring about a change in the new year.

Whether you are spending time with family on vacation, dancing the night away with friends, playing card games like Rummy (Rummy rules, by the way, are easy for anyone to learn), or even spending some time by yourself, reflecting on the past year, December is perhaps an excellent time to make all these moments count. There’s only so much time left in the year and making the most it is essential before starting a brand-new journey with new goals to achieve.

Do you get excited when you think about December? Well, you are not the only one; everyone is happy around this time of the year. This is a month full of surprises and possibilities that you should take advantage of. It’s the one month where everyone comes together, helps one another and celebrates in unison. It’s time to ask yourself, what makes December a special month for you, and how would you like to celebrate it?

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