India’s Favourite Card Game Rummy Has A Rich Diwali History

India’s Favourite Card Game Rummy Has A Rich Diwali History

India’s Favourite Card Game Rummy Has A Rich Diwali History

Every year on the third day of Diwali, the house is cleaned to perfection and purified to welcome Goddess Lakshmi. The platform to place the Goddess is adorned with the kalash, sweets, coconut, and business-related books are placed at her feet. The aarthi is performed in the evening and as the night approaches, families celebrate Diwali by playing card games. The enjoyment goes on through the night as families and friends gather together to share the laughter. The most common way to revel through the night is by playing rummy games.

Playing card games is integral to the Festival of Lights and it is an auspicious family event on this auspicious day. But how did rummy become part of this joyous festival in India?

The Story Behind the Tradition

Looking back at mythology, it is believed that Goddess Parvati was playing a game of dice with Lord Shiva, her husband. At different points, she was winning or losing. This indicated creation and destruction which is part of the cosmic cycle. Also, it signifies fragmentation and reunification. So, on that night, she announced that whoever played games like rummy will be prosperous throughout the year. According to a legend, this became a family event when Goddess Parvati’s sons, Ganesh and Kartikeya played diced too.

This scene is beautifully portrayed in stone at the Kailash Temple that is located at Ellora Caves in Aurangabad. At this UNESCO World Heritage Site, Ardhanarishwara is depicted as one entity with female and male principles. When Goddess Parvati wants to play a game of dice, the entities separate to become two; second entity being Lord Shiva. The divine couple continues playing till quitting or stops only to recommence again. This losing – winning is symbolic of the intense reunion and emotional separation.

Also, Indians play rummy on this night to understand that there should be a balance when it comes to going after material needs and accomplishments.

Why Rummy Is The Chosen Diwali Card Game

The reason why rummy is played during Diwali, especially on the Lakshmi Puja day, is because the Goddess of Wealth shines on the players. Her blessings promote goodwill; hence rummy is the most traditional card game that is played during India’s biggest festival. The winners of the night regale in their rewards, and losers enthusiastically wait for the next Diwali celebration.

There are more reasons to why rummy is the chosen Diwali card game:

1) Rummy rules are easy to follow. There are few rules to the game. Once you get the hang of forming the right sequences and sets, you are in the thick of excitement.

2) In India, we play Indian rummy and it also goes by the name, Paplu. There are endless memories attached to the game. Each family has their own stories surrounding rummy.

3) Indians have been playing it from centuries. The lineage of the game is uncertain, but the history of rummy goes back over a long period of time.

4) From north to south, rummy is popular across states. The rummy game binds families. It brings everyone closer regardless of age. This affinity for the game intensifies during Diwali.

5) It is significant to play rummy on Diwali, which is a game of skill. You have to use your mind to make calculated moves to win. Hence, it is about the way you play the game, not so much about winning or losing. On Lakshmi Puja day, it is about wealth and this is one of the features associated with it.

What To Look Out For This Diwali:

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This is the only place that has best prizes and the biggest rewards, especially during Diwali. The real cash prizes can amount to lakhs if you play your cards correctly.

So, this Diwali, play rummy online real money and let the Goddess of Wealth smile on you. The rewards are better, and the gameplay is far superior. Have a festive season full of excitement and joy.

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