Rummy Makes You A Better Leader

Rummy Makes You A Better Leader

Rummy Makes You A Better Leader

Rummy has been referred to or portrayed in various ways, as a game of skill, a mental gym, and even a memory sharpener! Well, the tags may be several and they rightly showcase the versatility of this well-liked yet modest game.

It has made a place for itself down generations in every social stratum, from a king’s court to a humble household and is enjoyed equally by intellectuals and professionals. Young bright-eyed kids love to play the rummy game with peers and family which proves its popularity among various age groups.

Apart from the entertainment, amusement and fun factor that a game of rummy imparts and incorporates within, it also conveys several important life skills or lessons that can enrich every aspect of our lives. Effective leadership for instance, encapsulates several of these.

So, let us discuss some of the numerous traits that define a good leader and which Rummy can teach us.

Analytic skills:
Every good rummy player needs to have excellent analytical skills to be able to collect and analyze information and make speedy and wise decisions. A good leader too needs to possess the same skill to solve the groups or organization’s challenges.

Strategic thinking and planning:
One of the most essential traits of effective leadership, strategic thinking and planning play an important role in order to win a Rummy game too. A player needs to constantly change his plan of action as per cards picked up from the deck or thrown by other players.

Focus and Learning agility:
The ability to learn quickly and excel in unfamiliar circumstances is a quality one requires while playing the game. A good rummy player needs to be agile along with a sharp focus in order to adapt and improvise according to the need of the hour. This is also an important characteristic of an efficient leader.

The essence of a leader lies in his ability to have a good vision and foresight, which acts as an internal force propelling him to act. Similarly having a clear picture in mind about the goal which is winning, and secondly, the method to be implemented. For example, knowing which card to pick or discard and at times also holding onto a card not needed just so that your opponent cannot get it to complete his hand….is essential for victory. Thus the ability to visualize and foresee every move proves useful in real life and steer away from risky situations.

Good organizer
Good organization is a key element while playing the rummy game. Once the player arranges his cards in an organized manner, picking and discarding cards will be a smooth and convenient process. A first-class leader will apply this in real life as well, a proper place for all facts and information in order to function more effectively and lead the organization to achieve greater heights.

In a nutshell…..
Rummy is just not a mere sport to engross oneself; it is also an energizer of the grey cells and a booster for honing one’s mental ability.

The take-aways or lessons that a humble game like Rummy can teach are far too many, as long as one is an eager learner. Yes, it does encourage us to turn into better leaders, but more importantly, it eventually guides us on to become the master of our own life!!

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