Rummy Skills That Can Be Applied In The Workplace

Rummy skills that can be applied In the Workplace

Rummy skills that can be applied In the Workplace

Rummy is a game of fun, entertainment, and a chance to socialize with friends. The 13-card Rummy is India’s most popular card game, going by the number of people that go online every day on the various rummy online gaming platforms to test their skills.

Besides its entertainment value, Rummy requires skill, strategy, and practice, all of which can be instruments of professional progression too. Here are a few online Rummy playing skills that you can apply at your workplace.


Any game of skill requires 100 percent attention. The moment you take your eyes off the game, there are chances that you might miss a card drop or pick. In other words, focusing on what is happening in the game is essential. Similarly, in a work environment, one needs to be attentive and focused on the task at hand. A half-hearted attempt at finishing the task leads to dissatisfaction all -around and a call for improvement and wasted time and effort.

Leadership skills

In Rummy, every card you pick up or discard is an important decision, as it determines the course of your gameplay and wins. The same applies to one’s workplace.

Decision-making is the key to leadership. The more assertive and progressive you are at work; the people will notice. Remember, there is a thin line between being assertive and pushy. Any rash behavior, either at work or in play, leads to trouble. However, coming forward with suggestions and volunteering to take up challenging tasks helps.

For example, if a sales deal needs to be closed to meet the team target and the customer is being difficult, you can offer five service reviews instead of 4 annually. Some might wait for their seniors to pass these additional freebies, but being decisive can help close, and be beneficial to the team.

The more decisive you are about your performance and role at work, the more opportunities will arise for you to shine and move forward in your career path.

Prioritizing tasks

In a corporate segment, prioritizing work commitments is crucial. Meeting deadlines and completing tasks to satisfaction is a requirement. Keeping to your time commitments and enhancing performance will give you an edge over your colleagues.

In the Rummy game, the cards in hand drive your priorities. Which cards to keep, which to throw, sacrificing a possible sequence in hand for a better score, and more, are all part of the strategies that you have to develop. When you play online Rummy, you generally create an ideal circumstance for the best play at hand.

Planning and organization

The Rummy card game teaches you to be organized and to be able to plan. The same skills are helpful in work-life too.

In Rummy, it is advised to arrange the cards in hand, study what you have, and formulate a plan. As the game progresses, you pick and discard accordingly. A haphazard way of holding cards is bound to confuse and lead to bad decisions.

The same goes for work life. Be organized and plan your day. If you are cavalier in your attitude and wait for work to come to you, you will always be trying to play catch-up.

Another critical work and life lesson you learn from playing Rummy online is the art of quitting at the right time. When the cards in your hand are not favourable, it is better to quit at the beginning rather than hoping that your luck might turn as the game progresses. When the cards are poor, leaving at the start will garner minimum points. If you are averse to quitting before giving it a go, then play one or two hands, and if you still do not find a better hand then quitting midway is best option.

Similarly, in your work life, if the office atmosphere is toxic and you find it affecting your personal life and output at work, it is better to quit rather than wait for things to improve or change. It is better to look for an alternate job when you are stagnating and seeing no advancement.

Quitting should not be associated with losing, but rather it should be about gathering your resources and looking for a better play or a better opportunity in life.

These are the benefits of playing Rummy card game and taking away some positive impacts from it.

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