Rummy With Joker Versus Without Joker

Rummy With Joker Versus Without Joker

Rummy With Joker Versus Without Joker

When you unpack a deck of cards, you have two printed jokers along with it. Most people do not know whether to include the joker or leave it out from a card game. There are several card games, but how do you use the joker in a rummy game? When you play rummy online the joker is included in the deck of cards that is dealt to the players.

However, there are lot of questions associated with this card. What is the point value for the card? When to use the joker? Is there more than one type of joker in rummy? What is the wildcard joker? Can rummy be played without the joker? So, let us get right to it and clear the air about the joker card.

In rummy, there are two types of jokers – printed joker and wildcard joker. Both these jokers make the game super fun. The wildcard joker is intriguing because a random card is picked before the game and all its suits become the joker too.

Playing With A Joker

You are almost close to declaring, but you need one card to form a set or impure sequence, if you have either of these jokers, then this is when it becomes valuable. You can use it as a substitute to complete a combination. Since the joker is like a coveted card that everyone wants to have in their hand, the point value for it is zero. While calculating, the formed set or sequence with a joker brings down the score.

Ways To Use The Joker Wisely:

With these points at the back of your mind, here are pointers to judiciously use the joker:

1) Focus On Pure Sequence: You are excited that you got a joker card but contain your happiness. What you need to do is first focus your attention to forming pure sequence. If anyone can form a hand with only pure sequences, they are a genius at rummy. However, if you are forming impure sequences, then gladly use the wildcard.

2) Discarding Cards Strategy: A smart way to play rummy is to discard cards close to the wildcard. This will confuse the opponent and they will assume you do not have a joker. Also, if they pick up such cards, you know that they have a wildcard too. This will increase the thrill of the rummy game.

In addition, avoid melding any cards with a joker to form a sequence, keep it as a last resort. Also, throw away the high-value cards in the discard pile. Once you have good cards in hand and you feel there is a probability of winning, then club the joker with the necessary combination and inch closer to declaring.

3) High-Value Cards: These are risky cards that increase your points in case you lose that game. However, the joker carries no points. Pairing a joker with high-value sequences can bring down your points if a fellow opponent declares. Hence, creatively use these cards or go with the golden rule, i.e., to discard high-value cards.

Playing Rummy Without Joker Cards:

With these amazing reasons, why would anyone want to play rummy without a printed or wildcard joker, right? But there are many rummy players who prefer to leave out the joker, especially the experienced ones. It adds an element of difficulty that is laced with fun and intense exhilaration. This variation of rummy takes your mind through a rollercoaster of strategies.

Rummy is known as a game of skill. Now playing rummy without a joker really makes you think and heightens and tests your mind to play harder. Also, this variation takes time. Playing rummy with a joker cuts back on time and you finish the game in fewer rounds. If you are playing without the joker cards, then you are in for a long, fun, and entertaining game.

Joker – Difference It Makes To The Game:

Depends on your level of rummy skills. If you are new to the game or your gameplay is at a moderate level, play with joker. It is easy, quick, and fun. Now, if you know how to play rummy and you are a pro at rummy and you want to make it challenging, then play rummy without a joker.

Joker Or Without Joker – Which Game Is better?

This is a subjective answer. Most online rummy platforms such as RummyCircle offer subscribers an opportunity to play rummy with joker cards. It is the most entertaining way to enjoy this card game.

Online rummy is a skill-based game that is enveloped with excitement and considers the skill-level of everyone. There are different tournaments that allow you to test your rummy expertise. So, come play it online with joker cards and win amazing rewards.

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