Keeping You Safe – RummyCircle And Data Management Policies

Keeping You Safe – Rummycircle And Data Management Policies

Keeping You Safe – Rummycircle And Data Management Policies

Data has now been considered soil, gold, and oil – this is believed that in the coming years, data alone will give rise to new services and products. Across industries, teams are gearing up to pump data into completely new servers. Every firm today is cautious about data and privacy of customers.

This brings us to the data management policies – one of the most important steps towards minimizing the risk of a privacy breach. Here’s what RummyCircle’s policies do to protect the most important aspect of its business, your data –

  • The website uses personal data comprising financial information, account password, telephone number, name, PAN, postal address, IP address of your system, language, browser type, and more for the purpose of actively maintain data of users, completing transactions, and verifying user accounts.
  • The website collects user submitted Aadhaar card/Driver’s License/Voter ID or Passport for KYC verification.
  • Sensitive information and personal data are protected and restricted from agents, employees, and contractors – and is only accessible to people working with RummyCircle.
  • Users have the right to withdraw consent for use of personal or sensitive information by sending the specific request to , this may result in immediate withdrawal of services provided by RummyCircle.
  • The website uses software applications to gather statistics and website traffic -this is for the website to assess popularity and efficacy of RummyCircle.
  • RummyCircle uses remarketing and display advertising via Google Analytics and every ad is targeted via third party vendors to optimize, inform, and serve ads on the basis of visits.
  • When you access the website, cookies might be left in your system. Those are used to personalize your overall experience on the site. They are also used for security purposes, authentication, and game management.

What we do on regular basis to keep a check on data security –

  • To curb unauthorized access, we take security measures – including internal audits and reviews of storage, processing, and data collection. This also includes physical security measures and appropriate encryption practices to save servers where we store personal data.
  • While registering with RummyCircle to play rummy online, your account is by default protected with your login credentials, making sure you consider it confidential and not share it with anyone is your responsibility. While at it, if you suspect any unauthorized activity happening in your account, you can bring it to RummyCircle’s attention immediately.
  • The website, because of advertising can contain links to other third-party websites – RummyCircle doesn’t have any right over them. The only buzzword here is – be cautious.
  • There is a dedicated Grievance cell set up for users to register their complaints, if any, related to personal data and must be sent to

Data has become the big thing to run any business today – but like everything else, it comes with its own pros and cons. One thing that keeps data management policies in place is security, which should come from both users and the firm. While we make sure to keep a check on these policies every now and then, the above pointers should be kept in mind.

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