RummyCircle’s Guide to iOS Users

RummyCircle Guide to iOS Users

RummyCircle’s Guide to iOS Users

So, you own an iPhone. But wait, you love online rummy too. And hey, there’s a lot of experimenting that awaits you. Then there is confusion. Questions to be answered. Space to free up. Security to be factored in. Oh, wait. Why can’t we have answers to these questions, you ask? Because we’re not problem solvers, we say. Just good friends, besides being the largest rummy platform in India, of course. Let’s sit on the facts and check the compatibility of iOS with RummyCircle, shall we?

But wait, let’s lay ground rules first – Starting from scratch, the first thing would be the HOW of it –

Here’s an overview of downloading RummyCircle app on your iPhone and a few simple steps to do that seamlessly –

Step 1: Go to the App Store and search for RummyCircle

Step 2: Check the logo and description

Step 3: Install

Step 4:  Open and you’re ready to go!

Step 5: Feel proud for having such a cool app on your phone!

Improving game playing  experience with an iPhone

Having an app on your iPhone is as simple as it may sound, but maintaining the performance is the real deal! Here’s us presenting the WHAT of it –

Now that you’ve the app and you’re all set to play, why don’t we talk about what steps you can take to have an even better experience on iOS.

  • Keep checking for regular updates: Installing the latest update on your phone is very crucial for the iOS since this can slow down the iPhone. Go to Settings > General followed by software update to check for updates, if any. If you forget, you’ll see Apple ID Suggestions right when you go to Settings!
  • Either refresh or close background applications: Although iPhones are quite good when it comes to toggling between apps and multi-tasking. But let’s face it- some apps just take up a lot of resources on the phone. Therefore, it’s advisable to close the apps running in the background while playing online Rummy. You know the way! Double press Home Screen (iPhone 8 or before) or simply touch the home button to release the other apps.
  • Don’t cling to those automatic updates – While this is one such feature that actually acts as a reminder for iPhone users, but know that it can slow down the phone since operating systems are always at work checking for updates. This, in turn, could translate into an even less than better gaming experience.
  • Do you really want added graphics? – With a mobile app like RummyCircle and related visual interface, we don’t think you do! The iPhone offers a lot of added visual effects to improve gaming experience – but it actually affects the experience making it too artificial. Simply go to Settings > General and Accessibility to turn them off and Voila! Welcome to the world of RummyCircle!
  • Well, make sure you’ve storage – As much as this sounds like a no brainer, it’s not. People push iPhones thinking about the sturdy operating system being able to manage applications smoothly, but it’s not the case. Less storage impacts the gaming and overall performance of your iPhone. Get rid of those text messages, cached data and ‘Recently Deleted’ folder – Good Luck!

But why are we telling you this?

Which brings us to the WHY of it. Here are a few things you’d experience when you download the RummyCircle app on your iPhone –

  • This has been said and proven by us over and over now – RummyCircle, being the largest online Rummy app in India makes sure your game playing experience is smooth and seamless interface and almost no loading time!
  • Our safe and responsible gaming guidelines will make sure your money is safe, you play with real players, and put a limit to how much you’re playing.
  • When you’ve the mobile app on your phone, we make sure we send real-time updates and alerts about promotions, tournaments, and almost everything that’s important for entertaining gameplay!
  • You get to start with practice games if you’re a beginner and later switch to real-cash games when you think you’ve learnt the nuances of it.
  • We have resources! In case of any doubt, we have a repository full of tips, tricks, and strategies waiting for you –

Our how, what, and why for iPhone users and iOS were pretty simple – it has almost every perk that crosses your mind. Oh, well, about the ‘WHERE’ of it, download the rummy app now!


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