Sick In Bed? Try These Upbeat Entertaining Ideas

Sick In Bed? Try These Upbeat Entertaining Ideas

Sick In Bed? Try These Upbeat Entertaining Ideas

These cool months in our country are amazing, but it stirs up the flu season. The worst part about falling sick is that you are sleeping or resting all day. When the flu hits you, you barely have any energy to do anything. You cannot eat because you have lost your appetite, even if you are hungry the food tastes bland, thanks to the medicines. However, you can transform this sick vibe into a chirpy and fun moment. Switch it up with these few ideas such as rummy online, binge on TV shows, shop online, and other such fun activities. You can have an entertaining time even if you are hit with the flu.

Catch up on TV shows

With the introduction of live streaming platforms, there are a number of new shows to be watched. These platforms have opened the door to a variety of TV shows and movies. It includes reality shows, stand up, documentaries, and much more. It is difficult to catch up with them. This is the perfect time to binge watch what people have been raving about for days and months. Catch up on the popular shows and movies and stay on top of the slang and cultural references that spring from them. So, pour some soup in a bowl and slip into your blanket. Make yourself comfortable as it will be a long entertaining session.

Feel upbeat with rummy

When you are curled up in bed and got nowhere to go, then charge up your phone because you will need it. One of the most traditional card games that piques excitement in India is rummy. You can play this game on your phone, which is ideal in such a situation. It is filled with fun, happiness, and thrill. Rummy is a skill-based game that is bursting with energy as you make quick decisions to form valid sequences and sets before one of the fellow players declare. What will really make you upbeat is winning real cash rewards. Play rummy online real money for an exciting time that will make you forget you are sick. Enter paid tournaments and put your rummy skills to the test. If you win, the rewards scale up to lakhs and crores depending on the tournament. Look out for special tournaments where the rewards are bigger and better. So, power up your mood with an exciting game of rummy.

Online shopping spree

You cannot do much when you are sick, but that does not stop you from getting online and getting some retail therapy. With the explosion of online shopping, every brand is available at your fingertips. When you are sick, you have all the time in the world. So, it is the perfect time to go online and browse through various portals to find the appropriate outfit, gadget, groceries, shoes, and more. It is fun to check out various websites and compare prices and see what they have to offer you. Online shopping saves you the effort to scan various shops, it saves time as well as money. Shopping from the comfort of your bed has a relaxing effect as well as keeps you pumped up through your illness.

Grooming is key

Nobody clicks selfies when they are sick. When you are hit with the flu, your hair is ruffled, your skin is dry, and you are not yourself. Turn around this feeling with a grooming or pampering session. Firstly, take a nice warm shower. The steam will open your respiratory system and help you to breath better. Then turn your attention to skin care – shave, clip your nails, and moisturise your skin. You will feel fresh and much better already. Grooming will turn around that sad vibe and you will be brimming with cheer. Don’t let the flu get the better of you. Enjoy some self care, now that you have time to spare.

Enjoy some Me Time

In our fast-paced lives we rarely pull the brakes and take a break. When we fall sick, we are forced to slow down and recover our bodies. So, pick up a book or a comic book you wanted to read for a long time or unleash your creativity with art. Get a nice cup of coffee or warm cup of masala chai and relax with this book. This is also a great time to catch up with friends and relatives and check up on them. Plan your next vacation that is on your wish list for a while. This is an ideal time to go into a digital detox and rejuvenate your senses through meditation. There is a lot you can do during your me time, find something that suits you and channel your energy towards it.

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